Nicol-Mizzet (Arena)

by epk1231 on 09 January 2019

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Deck Description

Finally landed some Nicol Bolas and wanted to make a deck around it. My favorite card to use is Niv-Mizzet, so I wanted him in there as well. Essentially the goal is to stall long enough to play them dragons.

Suggestions on how to improve?

So far I've gotten bombed by token decks, especially if my start is slow - I probably need some board wipe, just not sure where to cut down. Should I add in more dual lands? This deck is for the long haul, so generally my life totals get down to below 10 until I get things going.


How to Play

In case I get the wrong combo of lands, I try to get Niv into the graveyard with surveil abilities or Radical Ideal, which then I can summon via Lazav or Eldest Reborn. Otherwise, I try to get off a lot of hand control and destroy dangerous creatures as they come out. Once I can get opponents top-decking, then hopefully I have the right cards to put pressure right away.

I will say it is fun/satisfying to get both Niv and Nicol out at the same time.

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Deck discussion for Nicol-Mizzet (Arena)

You could definitively add more dual land to improve. Maybe a few Ritual of Soot could help you survive creatures rush. I would cut maybe 1 Disinformation Campaign, 1 Radical Idea and 1 Mission Briefing. If it turn out you don't need em you can always discard with Radical Idea.

Posted 11 January 2019 at 17:09