by geezer48 on 07 February 2019

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Deck Description

A 50 dollar Budget edh deck that plays "vindicate" on a stick in the command zone.
Scarecrows are a weak tribe so you must get creative in playing scarecrow tribal. Changelings, Clones and bounce effects increase the number of possible vindicate triggers to the extent that the deck can win in Casual metagames.

How to Play

Get Reaper King into play early and protect him. Use your ramp creatures to get all your colors as quickly as possible, and to turn on Nim Deathmantle and Deadeye Navigator. Both of these cards must be answered by your opponents or you will quickly control the table. Use your clones to copy the best creature on the board or Scarecrow/ changeling to get the vindicate effect. Xenograph and Conspiracy insure you have no lack of scarecrows on the field. Blink effects double your destroy triggers.
The deck can be vastly improved by money - Land Base especially. Deck is fun to play and is somewhat unique in how it wins. Enjoy....

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  • EDH
  • Casual
  • 5 color

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Deck discussion for REAPER KING Budget

The deck has mana fixing problems because you don't run just dual lands but you run 8 forest, 5 islands, 3 plains, 3 swamps, and 3 mountains which means drawing duplicates of lands and not having all 5 five colors to cast Reaper King. I understand finding basic lands for cards like Cultivate but you should only run 1 copy of each basic land, not multiple. If you don't fix this problem, you truly don't care for the perfect of completing this deck.

Posted 03 March 2019 at 00:24


What you say is true, but the deck is mostly green/ blue and I like the consistency. In the few games I have played so far the mana flow has been pretty decent. Thanks for your imput.

Posted 12 March 2019 at 03:25


you can run green and blue dual lands.

Posted 12 March 2019 at 03:49