Squee, the Immortal!

by JMFJ on 13 January 2019

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Deck Description

Made for MTGA ARENA. Build around Desecrated Tomb.

How to Play

I just tryed out my Lich's Mastery in this deck and it turn out to be very powerfull.

I did cast Lich's Mastery by turn 8 and had draw my whole deck by turn 12! I had in play only 1 Ajani's Welcome, 1 Makeshift Munitions and 1 Reassembling Skeleton. (Had a skeleton exiled before,, also had Isareth and Angrath killed). Note : Traded Isareth for Judith

With the arrival of the new set Judith, the Scourge Diva turn out to be very powerfull in here! Dealing 1 additionnal damage when sacrifiying a skeleton is more than welcome and that +1+0 .... OUCH!

I'm also looking forward to include 4 Gutterbones as Stitcher's Supplier trade off, they were mostly used to find skeletons but now that I can have 8 skeletons + Squee they are not needed anymore.

I'm trying to get this deck more competitive so in the long run i'm probably gonna trade Lich's Mastery for Cleansing Nova. I'm looking for more ideas so comments are welcome!

Note on Transmogrifying Wand : Can be used on your own skeletons for more creatures and bats!

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