Tetzimoc, Primal Death

by kaleb on 17 October 2020

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Deck Description

get Tetzimoc in your hand, and pay to set things up to DIE!
Never seen anyone use this dude, so i decided id make a deck with him.
certain cards directly put him in your hand- Netherborn Altar / Command Beacon.
Malevolent Awakening for sac and get commander in your hand from grave..

lots of cards in the deck are meant to be reusable, die or sac and they will either go to your hand, or beable to come back to the field= Bloodghast / reassembling skele
and cockroaches and so on.

Sac engines = Yawgmoth/ Ruthless Knave / Priest of Forgotten Gods /Ashnod's Altar / phyrexian altar and so on.

you will find certain combos with certain cards in the deck, such as the random Basaal sliver and hivestone combo.

Oblivion Stone + buried ruin + crucible of worlds is in hand, 8 mana blow it, drop crucible and get buried ruin in play again. next turn put a fate counter on OS and blow up when needed.

the deck is centered around the Dino boy, so figured id make some treasure mechanics in here as well.

Ruthless Knave + Dire Fleet Hoarder + Pitiless Plunderer + Gleaming Barrier +
for - Revel in Riches
not likely to win with revel but its possible i guess, haha.

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