2 Turn Infect

by KrashxReaper on 11 October 2020

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Deck discussion for 2 Turn Infect

Revenge of the hunted is a neat card, and might of old kroxa might be better then giant growth

Posted 12 October 2020 at 00:08


It is and it isn't at the same time, Giant Growth is just more consistent when played at any time. With Might of Old Krosa it's very dependent on the situation. In here because it's suppose to be 2 turns, it can work the way it's suppose to, but against Unsummons and trying to go through 1 drop creatures Giant growth is just better, cuz you can possibly save the card in your hand instead of wasting it. Now if it gave Trample as well then yea of course, but because it doesn't Giant Growth is just more consistent

Posted 12 October 2020 at 00:44


With just 4 creatures able to be played at turn 1, it's difficult to pull of a turn 2.
With that in mind simian spirit guide might be a thing.
Rancor has more staying power than unnatural predation and adds 1 more damage on first attack.

Again aiming for turn 2 theres the need of increasing the odds of drawing just the right key boosts, so street Wraith and manamorphosis. This also means we have a way to get cards in the graveyard so by adding fetchlands to the mix we can get 3 fetchlands and several other cards in the grave, which allows us to play with the +6/+6 that can cost G if we have enough in the grave (become immense)

Lands can be cut down to 12 with all those draw effects around.

To top the cherry, add a single edge of autumn.

Some theoretic cards may be added due to simian spirit guide, like phytoburst, and chancellor of the tangle is one of Alfred's favourites, so I wonder why he didn't think of it ;)

Posted 12 October 2020 at 15:43


It’s one of my favorite cards sure, but what you’re saying would change how the deck is played, but I do think rancor is better then unnatural predation

Posted 12 October 2020 at 17:16


I don't disagree that some of the cards you mentioned would be great cards to use, but like Alfred said ---> "would change how the deck is played," unless you say change the color to Green Black and have cards to give infect, but adding more than just green makes the deck a lot more inconsistent with trying to get the right colors and mana to match the cards in hand. Although I agree with adding the Chancellor of the Tangle as another mana source, so there is a possibility that you could have 3 or more mana to work with on turn 2 instead of just 2. The deck itself is sure may not be a guaranteed 2 turn, but there is the possibility, it's more consistent between turn 2 and 5, but that isn't really why I post the decks I do, it's more to help with deck building and present the idea, people can change the deck up the way they want if they want that's up to them. I just look for more positive comments that may help others to think of other possible ways to build the deck

Posted 12 October 2020 at 18:29


Yeah, aiming at turn 2 does change the deck ;)
But calling it a turn 2 infect deck does gives him some responsibility.

Otherwise every miller with 4 archive trap would write turn 1 kill mill a lot more often :)

If he wants to click bait, he could try using the tag porn hub ;)

There are certain tags that gives you more upvotes than others, if you are willing to dig into the past and find them ;)

Posted 12 October 2020 at 18:29


I am correcting myself about the Chancellor, it would just help get maybe a 2 drop on turn 1, which would actually create more opportunities with getting a 2 turn sweep. I didn't read Chancellor correctly at first, my bad :)

Posted 12 October 2020 at 19:14


And with simian spirit guide the odds of it increases :)

It's all a train of logical events.
Chancellor supports become immense.

Posted 12 October 2020 at 23:14


Signal Pest, Larger Than Life, (Wild Defiance) could be ideas, and I would lower the numbr of Forests by 1-2

Posted 12 October 2020 at 18:53


Larger Than Life, and Wild Defiance are great cards that could be used. Signal Pest I personally wouldn't use cuz it doesn't have infect built in, but i could be good if the opposition doesn't have reach or flying, so it is almost guaranteed damage :)

Posted 12 October 2020 at 19:02