Counters + Turns Combo

by KrashxReaper on 08 October 2020

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Deck discussion for Counters + Turns Combo

Interesting deck idea! Love combo with forgotten ancient and sage of hours, and adding branching evolution makes it even crazier.

Posted 08 October 2020 at 12:46


Yeah, love it too, hydra's growth is what makes it click for me. Once you got 10 counters on the sage, it's "deep time" time.

I'd like to suggest fate transfer as another way to save the counters.

Since this is legacy, I don't give it the best of odds.

One route could be to borrow some tech from infect, like blossoming defence or patriarchs blessing.
Hardened scales designs might also have some neat tech.

To save the overall combo, I can proudly refer to stream of thought which will both have a chance of ruining combo, but can also shuffle keycards and copies of itself back into the deck. Once you go infinite it's also a nice card if they have stuff like ensnaring bridge against your grown creatures.

Theres also a blue "charm" from around the time spiral cycle that has buyback and adds +1 counter to something.
I think gilderbairns from around llorwyn also had some counter doubling effect, but I'm not sure which. It's ug hybrid so it might be a fit. As a last resort there is also magistrate's scepter.

Good luck ;)

Posted 08 October 2020 at 23:26