Ripple EDH

by laservader2 on 21 November 2020

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Deck Description

The idea here is you play your 6 shadowborns, then get a demon to tutor with into play, probably rune-scarred demon. This gets you thrumming stone. You then set up to try and play the stone and you can play every shadow born in your deck. If you are able to wait so you have mana available then you can sac 6 of the apostles again, play the overlord, double your army, and try to get a marauder into play to hasty attack everyone. Or you can try and storm tendrils win. The beacon of unrest is really to get the thrumming stone out of the graveyard. Two demon tutors helps to get pieces as needed.

How to Play

Turn 1-3/4/5/6 your playing apostles
Turn 4/5/6, your playing K'rrik and activitating the apostles to get rune scarred demon, stone going into hand
Turn 5/6/7/8 your playing stone
Turn 6/7/8/9 you untap with stone, play apostle, play all of your apostles, then sac for abhorent overlord, then sac for raz, then use his ability for either mogus or tendrils
beacon, raz, elixir, and buried ruin are all basically their to get the stone back into your deck, play, or hand.
You want to prioritize swamps over apostles in your opening hand, as just statiscally they are harder to draw. that being said, pretty much every hand is going to have 2-4 swamps and 3-5 apostlesm and these are pretty much all keeps. Any demon in hand means you Mull. stone in hand honestly doesnt matter to much, and i often mull jsut to try and get an extra mull, since if you start with the stone in hand there really isnt anything else you want in your hand that you would get off of rune-scarred, maybe marauder. but thats your call

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Deck discussion for Ripple EDH

You might want to add a dark ritual and/or cabal ritual just to speed things up a turn or two

Posted Saturday at 03:19


i thought of that, thing is i kind want to keep it a lower power level
but fast mana is for sure the next thing to make this better

Posted Saturday at 03:27