Less Dead Goblins

by liglig on 18 August 2015

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Deck Description

Hello fellow spell-slingers! So, I was sitting around the other, reading about how red decks have once again fallen out of favor with competitive standard players. After the Pro Tour, the metagame shifted to counter the stream of burn-heavy red decks and some fellow red mages predicted that perhaps now was the time to go back to the go-wide-with-goblins strategy. This has not been the case with all the new Hangerback Abzan decks that dominated GP London. And from personal experience, I know how lackluster some of the Atarka Goblins decks can feel at times when you play a Rabblemaster second main phase and run straight into a Languish or a Drown in Sorrow. So, I thought to myself, "Is there a way for the Goblins deck to have splash that let's me rip there answers from their hand?" This deck was the result. Enjoy! AND DON'T BE AFRAID TO COMMENT OR HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON.

How to Play

So it's your usual get-them-dead-red Goblins deck but we decided to get a little fancy with the splash. Splashing black gives you access to Thoughtseize in the main deck allowing you to better play around sweepers and more importantly, prevent them from being cast. Where the black splash really shines is in the sideboard. Black gives us access to a fantastic answer to Abzan Aggro decks in Self-Inflicted Wound as well as giving us Bile Blight in the mirror. And perhaps the most fun card out of the board is, Kolaghan's Command which lets me kill Ensouled artifacts, return goblins, discard hands, or just Shock creatures or players. The last cards I wanted to mention were the one-ofs, Hammer of Purphoros in the main, and Murderous Cut in the board. The Cut is pretty self-explanatory. The Hammer though gives me the ability to blow up my extra black sources if I don't need them and more importantly, it gives my goblins the ability to hit the field and beat face immediately. No more waiting to untap with that Piledriver. Just Hammer into Piledriver+Dragon Fodder and swing for 7, no questions asked.

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