Let's See Where This Goes

by liglig on 08 January 2015

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Deck Description

This is my take on Mono-Red Aggro for the current standard metagame. Originally, this deck started in Innistrad/Ravnica standard. At that time, the deck was R/G. Over time though, the deck has slimmed down on lands and the mana curve has switched from a positive slope to a negative one. So that's where this deck stands. I've always tried to be aggresive and defeat my opponent as quickly as possible which is why I'm playing red. I don't mind increasing my curve or colors and price is something that I'll handle myself. I usually play on a pretty tight budget but I don't mind pushing the limits of my wallet. The only hard rule is that the deck has to have red in it. The sideboard is really the weakest part of this deck and needs some serious help. Anyways, I'll be updating this deck and its changes on a weekly basis. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Current Record at FNM:
3-0 (1st place)
3-0 (1st place)
3-0 (1st Place)
3-0 (1st place)
1-2 (18th place)
2-1 (5th place)
3-2 (6th place)
2-1 (3rd place)
2-1 (4th place)
0-3 (20th place)
1-2 (15th place)
1-2 (13th place)
0-3 (22nd place)
0-3 (25th place)
3-0 (2nd place)
1-2 (15th place)
1-2 (16th place)
2-1 (5th place)
3-0 (1st place)
2-1 ( 2nd place)
2-1(3rd place)

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Deck discussion for Let's See Where This Goes

This looks like a fun take on the traditional mono-red! My be cool to splash green for Atarka's Command.

Posted 05 April 2015 at 05:32


And destructive revelry.

Posted 05 April 2015 at 15:25


Posted twice...

Posted 05 April 2015 at 15:38


While agree that the green splash might help, I haven't felt a real need for it. I haven't found the life-gain decks that really hurt me. This isn't a world with Sphinx's Revelation or anything even close.

Posted 05 April 2015 at 19:14


For side board I would def suggest running 2x Scouring Sands and 1 Circle of Flame for the mirror match. they are very effective. I'm also very much against using fetches for a mono coloured deck. there has been extensive research done which proves the thinning effect will not come into play until around turn 12 using 4 fetches. I also second the suggestion of splashing green for Atarka's Command main board and allows for Destructive Revelry SB.

Posted 05 April 2015 at 13:43


I can understand cutting the fetches as I usually just want the Mountain. But does the green splash really help this deck that much? I haven't found a deck where I said, "I could really use an Atarka's Command right now." The Destructive Revelry maybe... But anyone who's throwing down Whips is usually dead by then so the whip isn't killing me. And the Coursers are covered with the Roasts as are the Siege Rhinos. I just don't see a need to split my mana that way and risk an unneeded screw.

Posted 05 April 2015 at 19:13


I do have to agree with most of that and I actually did just build a mono Red deck Wins deck last week which took first at my local FNM. I'm currently pondering the splash of green in mine too.

Posted 06 April 2015 at 00:51