Red Green White

by Maeuil on 25 September 2009

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Deck Description

well the main strategy i was thinking was 4 sigil captains and a bunch of 1/1's but i realized that would require for me to have a sigil captain for this whole deck to work and well it'd be a game of chance... i was going to make a green white but i thought i'd add red for goblins lots of low cost 1/1 goblins become 3/3 goblins so on and so forth.. which after doing some looking at i decided hey... lets make a token deck based around tokens since most of them are 1/1 with gaea's cradle giving me aaalot of forests from tokens i can use ant queen to produce more tokens... which will all be 3/3's... and i did some looking up as well and since sigil captain is an activated ability and a lot of other cards that give lets say all white creatures +1 +1 that are static sigil captains ability wouldn't proc so meh... i've kept them out.

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Deck discussion for Red Green White

Looks good. I highly recommend Dauntless Escorts (you can sac them anytime to make all creatures you control indestructible) and using Martial Coup's with them (XWW sorcery put X 1/1 soldiers in play if X is 5 or more destroy all other creatures) so you sac dauntless then play martial and bam... loads of 1/1s turned into 3/3's and the opponents field is empty ftw :)

please check out some of my decks like my Haste / Cascade and my Bant Fall deck :) thanks! and good deck i like it :)

Posted 25 September 2009 at 19:54


yeah i was just building my side board after i made this deck a finished deck and i said woah... (looking through the shards and alara reborn cards) indestructable army of tokens /drool but as for martial coup i never thought about using the indestructability of dauntless with its other effect... that is just awesome... thanks for the tips man :-)

Posted 25 September 2009 at 20:15