Shanna Rampa

by MamaSophia on 13 June 2018

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Deck Description

Commander Deck leaning toward Rushing creatures, denying incoming damage and board filling until you decide to summon Shanna. Use Damage prevention to keep your useful minions alive, and buffs to continue viability. Vary Color-specific abilities to your own personal need. The more Creature summon you have, the better the results. Ability multipliers and token gen can easily substitute standard creatures, as the main goal is heavy commander damage with little mana cost. This strategy helps defend against board wiping, Multiple creature deaths, and so on. If it counts toward giving Shanna a +/+ bonus for creature control, it's more than likely viable. Due to the requirements simply being "prevent damage". "Create x/x tokens or creatures", and small or convertible mana price, this deck is extremely versatile and can be modified as you please, so long as they follow these rules. Another extremely helpful factor is to put in anything with "Double target effect" or even buff bonuses, to help Shanna get stronger as fast as feasibly possible, and get her damage through to commander without risking lethal, as she's the one factor that ties this idea together in the end. Trample, first strike, and shroud/flying are helpful toward commander focus, whereas if you'd like to focus more on complete board control you may want to substitute with Attack spreading, Double strike, or even Deathtouch. I would suggest only using Shanna for board control if you have good protection from lethal attacks/counters, and have built the deck to focus on getting her as strong as you possibly can within reason, as well as token copy such as helm of the host or other creature growth to ensure your opponent is not sniping her down. Even with a full board in this deck strategy, a massive creature field isn't much without Shanna, considering most creatures that are low mana cost are simply going to be token gens, or low s/t. Keep Shanna alive at all costs, even defending with your weak creatures no matter how many you lose. Seeing as Mana ramp and low cost are like bread and butter, even if you lose everyone but Shanna, it wont take you long mid/late game to refill your board and continue as you were.

How to Play

Start just like any other rush deck by ramping out Mana and summoning low costs early on to get a head start. Use your basic creatures or Damage prevention spells to keep your board during build up until you feel you have a nice solid combo to play when you bring Shanna out of the command zone. Unless you have vigilance enchantments or more damage prevention, do not use Shanna as a blocker early on, as you want her to continue ramping as long as possible. Assuming your opponent doesn't have board wipe, they will acknowledge Shanna being the biggest threat and attempt to take her down. Use your meager creatures to block, and save Shanna from any sort of potential lethal, as most of your creatures are low cost, so regaining s/t lost by their death can easily be recovered. Instead, focus Shanna on dealing heavy commander damage, not board control to make your enemy under tension. Taking heavy commander damage that's consistently growing, they'll debate whether to focus clearing your board, or continuing to go for Shanna, making it easier for you to prevent costly damage in the end, and continue applying Direct pressure until they manage to eliminate Shanna, or board wipe effectively. In this instance, it is good to save thelonite Druid for your late game or second Shanna summon, to.give a good sudden burst of Commander damage to surprise then, and leave them on edge.
I hope you have fun, and critique us greatly appreciated. ??

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  • Rush
  • Green
  • White
  • Commander
  • Token
  • Creature-Based
  • Direct Damage

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