enerphant or energy combo

by mania42 on 02 June 2024

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Deck Description

chain lightning is reiterating bolt from MH3
leyline of abundance is prayer of vigor from MH3
impact tremor is Aether Revolt from MH3
Galvanic Blast is Galvanic discharge from MH3
lightning bolt?
no energy plansewalker? only vraska with proliferate
maybe considering adding blue for counterspells and proliferates.
rythm of the wilds from RAV allegiance is an option.

june 2024 version, MH3 not out yet.

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  • Gruul
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Deck discussion for enerphant or energy combo

Alright, i still haven't built the deck, but i'm already facing multiple problems:
first, this is a 3-cards combo (Primal Prayers, Aether Revolt and Greenbelt Rampager), which means it's a lot of setup. I know i can use impact tremor to replace the AeR, but it's not makeing every cards that generate energy as dangerous.
secondly, The mana-curve is awful, really, i can't fathom winning a FNM or competitive match against a competitive modern deck.
third, i don't have a strong enough core to have a plan B. I think.

Any suggestions

Posted 10 June 2024 at 04:57