EDH: Freyalise

by Muktol on 08 January 2015

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Deck Description

I purchased the deck with Dareti as commander along with the other 4 2014 commander decks. The original decklist can be found under "Guided by Nature"
I took a look at the original decklist and liked what I saw, but some cards had to be traded against others as I wasn't quite happy with them in here. Ultimately I thing about changing the commander from Freyalise to Nissa. I simply haven't done it at the moment because Freyalise was the commander intended for this deck and I want to give her at last a try and see how she works out.

Removed Cards:
Creeperhulk ...Changing the power/ toughness of a single creature in a swarm deck seems pretty unnecessary to me.
Elvish Skysweeper ...Though powerful there should be enough anti-flying cards in this deck.
Rampaging Baloth ...I simply wanted to add some more elf-spells to this deck and thus he had to be removed.
Titania, Protector of Argoth ...I haven't played against a land-destruction commander until now and most games I have played saw very little LD so she's out for the moment.
Wolfriar Elemental ...The Element produces a nice ammount of Tokens but as I also have removed Wren's Run Packmaster they are simple 2/2 tokens and don't benefit from any alf-strengthening effects like Joraga Warcaller, Ezuri and so on.
Wren's Run Packmaster ...The champion an elf ability can be of use sometimes. But the token production is to slow so she got removed for now.
Assault Suit ...A card that I simply don't like.
Commander's Sphere ...The mana-fixing shouldn't be necessary here and the deck features better cards for carddraw.
Moss Diamon ...Why pay 2 for something that a simple forest can do faster and cheaper?
Wolfcaller's Howl ...I removed most of the wolf-token producers so this one has to go for the moment.
Grave Sifter ...Creeping Renaissance is the better card here with it's flashback costs. It also affects only you and not every player.

Added cards:
Nissa Revane ...if planeswalkers could be commander, she would be it for this deck. Skyshroud Poacher ...tutor for all your elf-spells.
Elvish Promenade ...token production, on of the best token spells available to elf-decks.
Presence of Gond ...slow but steady elf-token production.
Bane of Progress ...mass-enchantment/ artifact removal.
Chorus of Might ...+1/+1 and trample for a single creature for each creature you control.
Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen ...+1/+1 for all elf's and the possibility to generate life.
Triumph of the Hordes ...+1/+1, trample AND infect for all your creatures. You don't have to deal 40 damage to an opponent this turn but rather 11 to kill him.
Obelisk of Urd ...+2/+2 for each creature of the chosen type.
Door of Destinies ...+1/+1 for each counter on the Door. Counters are added whenever you cast a creature spell of the chosen type.
Talara's Battalion ...A good card as it provides trample.
Lead the Stampede ...Basically a carddraw spell. Removed a single forest for this card.
Reliquary Tower ...Removes maximum number of handcards. Removed a single forest for this card.

Card I would also like to look in, but first I want to do some testgames to see how the deck behaves for now:
Akroma's Memorial, Coat of Arms, Dolmen Gate, Eldrazi Monument, Sword of the Paruns, Tormod's Crypt, Spellbook, Thought Vessel, Venser's Journal

I own most of the cards in this deck, use the rest as proxis, and have played the deck on some (few) occasions. Regardless I'm open to all suggestions and ideas that may help to improve this deck.

How to Play

Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury's +2 ability allows you to ramp in the form of another Llanowar Elf/ Elvish Mystic and also increases the number of elves you control.
Her -2 ability should only be used on emergency occasions as you normally want to have enough loyalty-counters to activate her -6 ability to draw cards (and keep her alive afterwards)
Pump creatures and artifacts can turn an elvish army from simple 1/1 tokens into something way more dangerous, especially Door of Destinies.
Siege Behemoth and Triumph of the Hordes can really ruin your opponents day...ALL you opponents!

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