MonoU: Merfolk

by Muktol on 20 August 2013

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Deck Description

Again a deck I built for my girlfriend as she (and myself) wanted to see what Merfolk where capable of.

Like most merfolk build's I started by looking for god lords and threw them in.
This was then filled up wit some working creatures like "Cursecatcher", "Cold-Eyed Selkie" or "Triton Shorestalker".
On the support side of the spell's I decided to go for "Merrow Commerce", "Savor the Moment" and "Aquitect's Will" for some carddraw and to enable islandwalk on my creatures.

I have played this deck some times using proxis but my opponents tend to loose the fun on it. Regardless I'm open to all suggestions and ideas that may help to further improve this deck.

How to Play

A whole bunch of lords make this deck aggressive and dangerous.
Aether Vial allows you to bypass your opponents control and to speed up your play.
"Merrow Commerce" in combination with "Savor the Moment" basically gives you an added combat phase and, in combination with an active islandwalk, can end the game pretty fast.

A good starting hand could look like:
2-3 Island; 1-2 Aether Vials; 1-2 Lords; 1-2 cc1 or cc2 creatures

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