MonoU: Merfolk

by Muktol on 20 August 2013

Mana Curve

Mana Symbol Occurrence

Type breakdown

Aether Vial4x Aether VialArtifact$97.60$121.56$3,997.76
Master of the Pearl Trident4x Master of the Pearl TridentCreature — Merfolk$6.36$11.96$39.96
Merfolk Sovereign3x Merfolk SovereignCreature — Merfolk$0.30$1.95$14.97
Lord of Atlantis4x Lord of AtlantisCreature — Merfolk Lord$14.12$28.20$63.96
Merrow Reejerey3x Merrow ReejereyCreature — Merfolk Soldier$3.06$6.75$16.05
Cursecatcher4x CursecatcherCreature — Merfolk Wizard$1.00$3.08$34.00
Harbinger of the Tides3x Harbinger of the TidesCreature — Merfolk Wizard$0.57$1.59$15.00
Silvergill Adept4x Silvergill AdeptCreature — Merfolk Wizard$0.76$2.36$18.00
Tideshaper Mystic4x Tideshaper MysticCreature — Merfolk Wizard$0.28$0.84$3.76
Echoing Truth1x Echoing TruthInstant$0.15$0.45$3.01
Mana Leak4x Mana LeakInstant$0.40$1.12$10.00
Aquitect's Will4x Aquitect's WillTribal Sorcery — Merfolk$0.36$1.00$7.56
Island18x IslandBasic Land — Island$0.00$0.00$0.00