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Budget Decks: Earth

by NorthernWarlord - updated on Saturday, 22 Mar 2014

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Budget (1535)Cheap (1535)Casual (665)EDH (453)Inspired Deck (309)Control (172)Aggro (111)Sacrifice (107)Fun (82)Green (79)Red (78)Blue (76)Standard (74)Black (73)Artifact (66)Graveyard (64)Tribal (63)Burn (52)For Starters (52)duel deck (50)Friday Budget (50)Mono White (49)White (47)Rakdos (41)Mono (41)Midrange (40)Horde (40)Azorius (38)Golgari (37)+1/+1 Counters (37)Mono Red (35)Aura (33)Gruul (32)Orzhov (32)Boros (32)Discard (30)half deck (30)Spellslinger (29)Mono Black (29)Dimir (28)secret memes (28)Politics (26)Simic (26)Token (26)Mill (26)Izzet (26)Dragon (26)Selesnya (26)Enchantment (26)Unblockable (25)Mono Blue (24)Archenemy (24)Equipment (23)Goblin (22)Mono Green (22)Zombie (21)Stompy (20)silly (19)Combo (18)Annoying (18)Modern (17)Human (16)Reanimator (16)Bounce (16)Challenge (15)starter (15)Self Mill (15)Weenie (15)Bant (15)Esper (15)Grixis (15)Draw (14)Soldier (13)Flying (13)Life Drain (13)Beatdown (13)Naya (12)Exalted (12)Demon (12)Elf (12)Landfall (12)Land (12)Mardu (12)Jeskai (11)warrior (11)WTF (11)Big Creatures (11)Newbie (11)Beginner (11)Theme (11)Infect (11)Jund (11)Mana Ramp (10)Angel (10)Creature-Based (10)Defender (10)Knight (10)Damage (10)Weird (10)Heroic (10)High Roller (10)Read Description (9)friendship is magic (9)Vampire (9)Lifegain (9)Death (8)Spirit (8)Copy (8)Tap (8)Ally (8)Beast (8)Combat (8)Celebration (8)abzan (8)Sultai (7)Treasure (7)choices (7)5-Color (7)Life Gain (7)Legendary (7)Flicker (7)Devour (6)Wolf (6)Rogue (6)Multicolor (6)pillowfort (6)Sliver (6)Card Draw (6)Kill (6)Eldrazi (6)Bloodthirst (6)monster (6)Temur (6)Not an actual deck (6)Boardwipe Tribal (6)Tiny leaders (5)Anti-control (5)Wizard (5)Planeswalker (5)Life (5)Giant (5)Flavor (5)Merfolk (5)Werewolf (5)Myr (5)Blink (4)Illusion (4)Multiplayer (4)Classic (4)Golem (4)Nicol Bolas (4)Stax (4)Creatureless (4)skeleton (4)Buff (4)Hydra (4)Deathtouch (4)toughness (4)Saproling (4)Quick (4)Suspend (4)Noob (4)Rats (4)Voltron (4)Power (4)joke (4)steal (4)stealing (4)Sunday Budget (4)meme (4)CHAD (4)Dungeon (3)ultra budget (3)Semi-Aggro (3)Wallet Rapist (3)Soft Stax (3)Bookmark (3)-1/-1 Counter (3)Spellslinging (3)Two-Headed Giant (3)NorthernWarlord (3)Five-colored (3)not a real deck (3)Wurm (3)Fight (3)Faerie (3)Colorless (3)Rat (3)Samurai (3)Chaos (3)Ninja (3)Indestructible (3)scry (3)Double strike (3)cycling (3)America (3)healing (3)Drain (3)Changeling (3)Charge Counter (3)insect (3)1v1 (3)Article Deck (3)Tokens (3)Cat (3)Devil (3)Fungus (3)Counters (3)phyrexia (3)Treefolk (2)Polymorph (2)Wither (2)Torture (2)Elemental (2)spider (2)Curse (2)Mirrodin (2)Kor (2)Vraska (2)Proliferate (2)Arcane (2)Storm (2)Pauper (2)Flashback (2)Zoo (2)Experimental (2)Plant (2)Banding (2)Random (2)imp (2)trolling (2)Sideboard (2)-1/-1 counters (2)shadow (2)spike (2)Tibalt (2)Clone (2)Cipher (2)Bushido (2)Flanking (2)clash (2)Lands (2)soulbond (2)Grave (2)Flash (2)moonfolk (2)Cloning (2)ETB (2)Squirrel (2)Kithkin (2)Affinity (2)Five color (2)Vigilance (2)Simple (2)"One is all I need" (2)At least I tried (2)Solo (2)I maybe create this deck (2)Crab (2)Food (2)party (2)Kinda Neat! (2)Read the description (2)Buff Up (2)Inspired (2)Devotion (2)Elephant (2)Minotaur (2)Self-Discard (2)Library Manipulation (2)Killing (2)Force-to-block (2)Ape (2)Paired Deck (2)Insanity (2)Madness (2)kicker (2)Surveil (2)Geomancer (2)Essay (2)Magic 101 (2)CONTAINS STORM CROW (2)Love ya! (2)Self Discard (2)Oddball (2)NORTHY'S STORYLINE (2)Funny songs included (2)adventure (2)Renown (2)YOKED PLOWBEAST (2)D se DAB!!! (1)Amass (1)Secret (1)Mutate (1)note (1)Bad Guy (1)saga (1)Randumb (1)CHIMNEY IMP INCLUDED (1)VERY HIGH IQ (1)Massace (1)Board Wipe Tribal (1)AYREONAUTS ONLY (1)MANLY (1)Boggles? (1)example (1)Vois lukea iltalehti (1)Vois olla heräämättä (1)Exploit (1)Tarkir Block (1)Grouphug (1)silumgar (1)Myriad (1)"Group-Fuck" (1)deck manipulation (1)(< Yes. Again.) (1)Just one dollar (1)Real life deck (1)Celecration (1)vote (1)Check those songs (1)Cyclops tribal? (1)Moonfolk tribal? (1)THIS SUCKS. (1)Archer tribal (1)One-drops only (1)Dethrone (1)brainless (1)Tribal? (1)Dominaria (1)Be a Batman today! (1)Check out! (1)What do you say? (1)One versus many (1)Hard-to-kill (1)Swift (1)CONTAINS CHIMNEY IMP (1)Trollin' (1)Check "How to Play" (1)Hedge (1)From the Vault (1)Kill spell tribal (1)Yes I am not kidding (1)Shitpost (1)"Choices" (1)Foretell (1)Goad (1)D20 (1)1666 (1)Choose one (1)Ringbearer (1)1500th (1)SURPRISE! (1)Killspell Tribal (1)Keyword-Soup (1)Announcement (1)Initiative (1)Damage Prevention (1)Returning (1)villain (1)Teferi (1)kavu (1)200 (1)cute (1)bear (1)echo (1)Five-Color (1)Fatty (1)creature-heavy (1)Story (1)Rebel (1)Anarchy (1)Card Drawing (1)Grave-Steal (1)Bat (1)Exemplar (1)Four-In-One (1)Self Kill (1)Awaken (1)unicorn (1)Blocker (1)Leonin (1)cripple (1)Value (1)Dangerous (1)Golgari colors (1)Two colored (1)becomes blocked by (1)level up (1)Kuldotha (1)CounterBurn (1)Burst (1)thopter (1)Suicidal (1)Anti-White (1)Kamahl (1)Dumb (1)gerrard (1)artifact hate (1)blinking (1)pain (1)sunburst (1)honden (1)Prowl (1)serpent (1)Boosting (1)Boostage (1)Earth (1)Low-Mana (1)Time counters (1)Djinn (1)High CMC (1)spore counter (1)My Legacy (1)5 color (1)hatebear (1)horse (1)wolftamer (1)monstrous (1)Shadowborn Apostles (1)Satyr (1)Monstrosity (1)Rigger Tribal (1)Inspired by real-life decks (1)"Gods" (1)Ol'Good (1)Crippling & Annoying (1)So much fun! (1)Primalcrux (1)Supremely Weird (1)Not awesome but still okay (1)Good Stuff (1)Kinda like Dimir (1)combat trick (1)Not so awesome but... (1)Swithcing (1)Painful Situation (1)The Hive (1)This deck is hopeless (1)Sometimes I think why I am doing this (1)I know that nobody will like this deck (1)Are you seriously reading all of these you weirdo? (1)I'm sorry that I called you weirdo (1)Kinda Weird (1)Spin Engine (1)Kinda low value (1)Monkey (1)Random? (1)kobold (1)Boar (1)Doomduck (1)Seton (1)Vorel (1)Spoil (1)gamble (1)Swapping (1)dinosaur (1)nasty (1)Domination (1)Destruction (1)Recycle (1)spellcaster (1)Leviathan (1)Kraken (1)Bird (1)X (1)Non-Standard (1)Recursion (1)Block (1)Versatile (1)Morph (1)centaur (1)Reanimate (1)Mercenary (1)Silver Bullet (1)+1/+1 counter (1)shield (1)Archer (1)snake (1)Hexproof (1)Door to Nothingness (1)jhoira (1)Dredge (1)Cleric (1)Synergy (1)Cascade (1)Alara (1)First Strike (1)easy (1)Biovisionary (1)Support (1)Snakes (1)Rainbow (1)Troll (1)R/G (1)Menace (1)feed the pack (1)Mycoloth (1)Cube (1)Return (1)Library (1)Life Loss (1)Persist (1)Search (1)battle of wits (1)Phyrexian (1)Four Color (1)Gold (1)Dragon broodmother (1)Tapping (1)Ultimatum (1)Animar (1)Barbarian (1)avatar (1)Transformation (1)Tactical (1)Horror (1)Unearth (1)Utility (1)Domain (1)Evolve (1)Dega (1)pirate (1)scarecrow (1)superfriends (1)Other... (1)Commander (1)Suicide (1)Scavenge (1)Counter (1)Instant (1)shapeshifter (1)Haste (1)Krenko (1)Talrand (1)Odric (1)Tezzeret (1)Draft (1)G/B (1)Vintage (1)Lure (1)Extraction (1)Wall (1)Poison (1)phyrexian mana (1)Morbid (1)Ramp (1)Fast (1)Artifacts (1)Undying (1)Mana-ramp (1)Lightning (1)W/B/R (1)Delver (1)