/W/ Aura Deck for new Players

by ondrasek on 17 April 2021

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  • Mono White

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Deck discussion for /W/ Aura Deck for new Players

Great looking deck, but meh... the price of Halvar is like 8 dollars and Sram can also be costly

Posted 06 June 2021 at 05:58


Yeah, but finaly price is about 22$ so I think it is prettty budget. But if someone who wants this deck think it is not budget he can discard Halvar.

I think Scram isn't much expensive, but I am no sure :)

Posted Thursday at 04:56


No, it is not, just look at deck stats

Posted Thursday at 14:15


Ok, when you look on blue price stats it is 22,29 $, ok, but that does't must be right, so you can allso click on: Buy this deck at Card Kingdom and here click on: find cards and now you will see - on Card Kingdom price is (without Halvar - you right Halvar is expensive) 39,46 $.
I think it is pretty cheap, not?

Posted Saturday at 14:24