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by pratboy02 on 15 April 2019

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Deck Description

Ever since I first learned the rules of Magic i always wanted to win by milling them out. sadly for me I started playing in M15 so I could never play standard mill so I decided to do the next best thing and play it in modern, any recommendations are appreciated.

How to Play

Play the most efficient mill cards first. if given an option between Hedron Crab and Jace's Phantasm go with the crab as it has a destructive opportunity of mill power if played on turn 1, especially if you plan on curving out. If playing against ANY graveyard strategy board in relic and the crypt and cut out anything. if playing against Tron be sure to keep archive trap in the list because of all their tutoring that they do. Bring in Surgical Extraction if the are a combo deck, or control deck, Put in Fatal Push against any creature heavy deck.

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  • Dimir
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