M14 Slivers

by RazorAxis on 24 July 2013

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M14 Slivers. Please Consult and Help. thanks

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Deck discussion for M14 Slivers

My first deck attempt in 12 years. Any advice would be helpful. I based the bulk of the deck off 2 colors, Green and White(I also considered Green and Red) to make it faster. Into the wilds is to help prevent land draws and provide more mana to speed up slivers. Fog and silence to slow my opponent. elixir to rerun killed sliver to increase battle size if game gets that far. Side deck is kinda some ideas I have at the moment. Took door of destines out of main deck because it feels like it wouldnt make the impact i would like, but i may be wrong. Sentinel and Manaweft slivers are to produce some serious mana ramping while still allowing sliver to attack. Syphon and bonescythe slivers for life gain and galerider for evasion. I purposely used all cards with 1 solid mana cost, again for speed. Please any advice or comments would be appreciated. Thanks

Posted 24 July 2013 at 21:48


i have a modern sliver deck ive been running lately based off the one i have on here, and this looks pretty good for being all standard. might i recommend [Farseek] should you decide to add in other types of land? Also, i use [Door of Destinies] myself, but i usually only drop it if i happen to get my [Genesis Wave] with enough mana and slivers to tap to make it worth it.

although it is a bit pricey, might i also recommend [Riot Control]? gives you life while preventing attacks for a turn.

Posted 24 July 2013 at 23:26


Appreciate the help. I dont think im gonna run farseek cause 13 is gonna fall off standard block soon. I might however use riot control. What should I replace with it?

Posted 25 July 2013 at 02:10


I find that one problem with standard slivers is the lack of reliable, cheap piercing mechanisms. In M14 they came out with groundshaker sliver which is pretty expense cmc-wise, however other than galerider, it's the only one that a 2/2 can't stop completely. I would highly recommend you add it in. Considering you have 4 manawept slivers, you could potentially get it out by turn 4. Also I would recommend moving door of destinies into your main deck because this ramps well with the trample ability. I also think adding garruk, caller of beasts would be much, much better than into the wilds for the purpose you're using it for. The +1 ability will keep your hand full of creatures and help you get what you need/want fast and the ultimate ability is just insane. With the haste ability you have, you may also want to consider using imposing sovereign to stop your opponent from being able to block right away. I also like hive stirrings because its cheap and puts 2 extra slivers on the board. Another consideration would be thorncaster sliver, but it's cmc is high for it's ability. It does however provide some extra punch to your attacks. Mutavault is also a great land to add in because its ability makes it count as a sliver. I also like your idea of having path of bravery but you may want to consider main-boarding it as well.

Here is what I would recommend changing:

Swap in:
2x door of destinies
2x groundshaker sliver
1x garruk, caller of beasts
2x imposing sovereign
4x hive stirrings
2x thorncaster sliver
2x mutavault
2x path of bravery

Swap out or sideboard:
3x into the wilds
2x fog
1x bonescythe sliver
1x galerider sliver
3x darksteel ingot
2x sentinel sliver
1x elixir of immortality
2x shimmering grotto
2x silence

Based on these changes, you will also need to switch up your basic land mix in order to get the right combination. Lay of the land might also help you get the right lands you need during the game, if you want to add it in. Verdant haven could work too, but the mechanic is a little bit different.

All of the suggested cards are from M14. If you would like, I could also suggest other cards that would work well in standard. Just let me know what you're thinking :)

Posted 25 July 2013 at 04:05


Thanks for the help. I'm using m14 cause I would like to keep it in standard for a while. I'm not appose to using other sets in standard tho. What did you have in mind?

Posted 25 July 2013 at 04:57


Also I didnt use a plainswalker cause I'm not familiar with them as they didnt exist when I use to play.

Posted 25 July 2013 at 04:59


no worries, I totally understand. I am the same way. started around ice age, quit around scourge and just recently came back, so I missed about 10 years lol. If you would like me to explain the plainswalkers or any other meta/mechanic, let me know. I will get back to you in the meantime with some other standard cards for you to consider.

Posted 25 July 2013 at 05:03


Unfortunately with 4 sets leaving standard in September of this year, there's a lot of potential that leaves along with them. However within the sets that will still remain in standard, I have come up with the following list that would be beneficial in this deck.

chromatic lantern - artifact for 3 - lands you control have "tap to add one mana of any color to your mana pool" (this could be huge for you)

growing ranks - enchantment for 4 - at the begin of your upkeep, populate (you would need to have played hive stirrings for this to take effect - populate allows you to put a token into play that is a copy of a token you already control - combine this with progenitor mimic below and you have a killer combo)

shock lands - there are a lot and they are fantastic - these lands are dual lands that come into play tapped unless you take 2 damage - they also count as both basic land types so they are searchable with cards like lay of the land - these will help you fix your mana combinations

gleam of battle - enchantment for 6 - when creatures you control attack, each one gets a +1/+1 counter

progenitor mimic - shapeshifter for 6 - when it comes into play, it becomes a copy of a creature you control. if that chosen creature is not a token, then at the beginning of your upkeep, put a token on the battlefield that is a copy of that creature. (hard to explain but basically as long as you make the shapeshifter a copy of something like megantic sliver, thorncaster sliver, predatory sliver, etc. then each upkeep you can put a copy of that chosen sliver on the battlefield as a token - so lets say you have megantic sliver out and you play progenitor mimic. You make the mimic into a copy of megantic sliver. Now you have 2 - so all your creatures get +6/+6 instead. At the beginning of your upkeep, put another token on the battlefield that is a copy of it. So now all your creatures get +9/+9. And so on and so forth.)

Hope this helps :)

Posted 25 July 2013 at 05:59


Ok. I would like to ask a few questions, just to understand better. I see how chromatic lantern would be a good choice, but the reason I went with darksteel ingot is so it doesn't get destroyed and I get screwed on alternate mana. All cards only cost 1 standard mana and only 6 cards with other colors then my lands so 1 a turn would be ok? As far as growing ranks and hive stirrings wouldn't a ratchet bomb wipe them out easily making it hard to run? I am going to look into shock lands, just not sure about paying the 20 bucks each for them atm. And gleam of battle and the mimic, would they effect my mana curve in a negative way? Thanks for all the help just trying to understand, like I said its been a long time.

Posted 26 July 2013 at 04:06


No need to apologize. Here's my attempt to answer your questions:

1. Chromatic lantern vs. darksteel ingot - to be completely honest with you, you don't really need either of them with 4 manaweft slivers in the deck (especially if you add the shocklands or some form of dual lands - I completely understand and respect how pricey they are). Although darksteel ingot is indestructible, it only provides you with a one-mana fix but if your hand is all a different colour, you're gonna be in trouble without manawept. I prefer chromatic lantern because for the same amount of mana, it not only gives you a one-mana fix by tapping itself, but it makes all your land "fixable". It's just much more reliable when playing a multicoloured deck. Also you can't always rely on getting land every turn, even with 20 land in the deck. You want to play slivers with speed so that they are harder to control. You don't want to have them stuck in your hand if you have enough overall mana to play then. More land type availability, the better you're able to maneuver around.

2. Ratchet bomb - this card only affects "permanents" with "converted mana costs" - tokens are neither permanents nor have converted mana costs. What ratchet bomb will do though is completely screw over all of your actual slivers which could make your tokens less effective. This is a risk in all creature decks though and it's a one-off that you can try to sideboard against (worst case scenario).

3. Shocklands - expensive as hell but damn useful. If you can afford some great, if not, then you might have to just stick with lay of the land to get your mana fix. Unfortunately standard does not have much in the way of dual or triple lands other than those.

4. Gleam of battle and the mimic can potentially be played by turn 5 at the very, very latest assuming u have 1 manaweft sliver in play. You might want to wait for megantic sliver to play the mimic though to make the most out of it, which could be turn 4 or something with the right lands and a manaweft. Again with the land production, you can pretty much get 3 slivers out by turn 3 with only 2 land. I don't think that either of those 2 cards would affect your mana curve in a negative way. They are pricier cmc-wise but they are well worth it. Plus like I said, by the time you get them out, you should already have at least 3 slivers if not 4 in play.

I will show you how you can get all those high casting cards out quickly. There are many possible variations on this with your deck options - this is just one of the best case scenarios.

turn 1 - play a forest
turn 2 - play 1 more land (doesn't matter what), and play manaweft
turn 3 - play a land (if you have it). if you do, then play blur sliver and galerider sliver. If not, then just play blur sliver
turn 4 - if you got your third land now then if you play it you now have 5 land at your disposal. if you had your third land in play already, then you now have 6 mana available and can play gleam of battle or megantic sliver. You could also attack with megantic sliver on that turn because it has flying, trample, haste and it's a 6/6 (good work for turn 4).
turn 5 - if you draw a land or if you played megantic sliver the turn before, you can pretty much play anything in your deck. even if you chose not to play anything with a high cmc and just play a couple of other slivers like sentinel sliver and predatory sliver, you now have like 6 or 7 huge, massive beast to wreck your opponent (flying, trample, haste, possibly +4/+4, vigilance - even your 1/1 tokens are huge).

See how well this deck does with just the ability to play the right cards at the right time? All of the rest of the cards are just gravy to help you grow your creature count, size and make sure you have the mana to sustain your casting. Garruk becomes insanely useful by turn 5 since your hand should be pretty much empty, if you haven't already won the game lol. Hope this has helped a bit.

Posted 26 July 2013 at 05:26


it does thanks. so how do plainswalkers work lol

Posted 26 July 2013 at 13:40


planeswalkers are somewhat complex but i'll give you a great link to provide you with all the info you need. Also below that, I have posted a link with the updated m14 rules regarding planeswalkers. if you have any questions about what you read on there, just let me know.



Posted 26 July 2013 at 14:00


Thanks, If I change the darksteel ingot to chromatic lantern, and I was going to run growing ranks and hive stirrings, should I use 4x or 3x of each card and what should I replace with it?

Posted 26 July 2013 at 14:27


pretty sure tokens count as permanents with 0 converted mana cost, making them target-able by the ratchet bomb.

Posted 26 July 2013 at 21:10


you're right betefico. I stand corrected. However, if they have a zero cmc, then ratchet bomb would have to be sacrificed with no counters on it, so it would only kill your tokens. I still think that this is too much of a one hit wonder to worry about. like I said, take something in the sideboard to deal with it.

Also to answer your question razoraxis, I would take 2x chromatic lantern, 4x hive stirrings, and 2x growing ranks. I would substitute out 3x darksteel ingot, 3x into the wilds, and 2x fog for now.

Posted 27 July 2013 at 00:52


UndeadCow, I revised my deck. Please advise. Thank you.

Posted 27 July 2013 at 05:14


Lol you make this sound so formal. Looks 10x better, just a few more things I would suggest:

1. Swap one of your sentinel slivers for a predatory sliver so that you 2x sentinel and 4x predatory
2. Swap out the 2 silence and add in 2 groundshaker slivers. You are still missing that trampling ingredient.
3. Swap out the 2 shimmering grottos and add in the 2 door of destinies. Those should be in your main deck.
4. Swap out elixir of immortality and 1 chromatic lantern and add 2 path to bravery. You need a better life gain card.

Other than that, this looks really solid. I'd be excited to play test this and see how it does at tournaments. :)

Posted 27 July 2013 at 17:52


Thanks I can't wait to try it myself. I thought of another element. When I clone a creature with the mimic, once it starts creating tokens I can use growing ranks and create another of that token ie: I can gain 2 megantic slivers a turn adding +6/+6 a turn. Correct me if I missed something.

Posted 27 July 2013 at 18:48


Could also use thorncaster as a breeding base and in 3 turns when I attack I can ping my opponent to death with 20 slivers dealing 5 each when the attack.

Posted 27 July 2013 at 18:54


Yes, you are absolutely correct in both cases. :)

Posted 27 July 2013 at 20:05


I appreciate the help thank you

Posted 27 July 2013 at 21:31


anytime. that's what this site is for :)

Posted 28 July 2013 at 01:21


Very nice deck. I just started playing again also. would you guys mind looking at my deck and helping me out. i put it together with the cards i have. i bought a few new cards to put in it.


Posted 26 July 2013 at 20:23