Karn, the Great Mistake

by ReaperAndross on 19 June 2023

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Deck Description

Yeah, so I'm going back to my roots here by coming up with the weirdest, yet also functional, decks I can imagine. This means that when I see a COLOURLESS Planeswalker for a format like Oathbreaker, with a full-on lock-out combo using it and one other card, I'm 100% building that.

Thing is then, what to make the actual thing that can win me the game? Well, we have zero colours, so Eldrazi titans and Blightsteel Colossus are the two big hitters that come to mind instantly.

How to Play

Make like a Green player and RAMP. That and try to get through enough of your deck in order to cast out Ulamog or Blightsteel, or just make everyone scoop with a combination of Karn and Mycosynth Lattice.

Lantern of Insight/Pyxis of Pandemonium is a very spicy combo in here I've seen before in a type of Modern deck that locks you out of attacking. But here, it's used as a preventative measure against some of the nastier things that can happen in Oathbreaker.

The Eldrazi in here are partly a focus, and are here to provide some really funky abilities that straight artifacts can't provide. And also avoid the inevitable Overloaded Vandalblast you'll inevitably face.

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  • Oathbreaker
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  • Artifact
  • Ramp

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