Who needs creatures?

by RedneckNinjy on 16 October 2020

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Deck Description

Just a no creature deck I had in mind. I really like the enchantments in MTG. You can do some really nasty stuff with enchantments.
**The combo for this deck is [[Exquisite Blood]] and [[Sanguine Bond]]. The other enchantments are to keep dinking them until they die.**

How to Play

Well this deck is pretty simple but I'll walkthrough how I would hope it works out:
? First hand you want at least 3 lands with hopefully another 2 land enchantments to mess them up early [[Pooling Venom]] [[Contaminated Ground]]. Would be nice to have some discard spells like [[Duress]] and [[Thoughtseize]] early too but you work with what you get.
? After a couple mana drops you should see them start to get out creatures if not dropped on the first turn. If you got enough to take out creatures first [[Heartless Act]] then you prolly want to do that if not you need to start enchanting your opponent.
? So [[Exquisite Blood]] and [[Sanguine Bond]] are your go to enchantment combo. You want these as early as you can get to start dinking them for damage while also healing. The other enchantments will help ramp up that damage and healing. Also if you have the combo in place you could also throw a couple enchantments on yourself to double the damage pretty much *shrug* just a thought.
Sideboard is just some cards I had in mind but didn't put in the deck. After I play with this I might switch some things out and go at it a different way.

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Deck discussion for Who needs creatures?

You should consider adding the planeswalker Davriel as well as the artifact The Rack. I know you mentioned you like enchantments, but the two cards I mentioned would be significantly more effective for a discard strategy.

Posted 16 October 2020 at 22:22


22 lands seem low maybe a 24-25 exqusite blood and sanguine bond are pretty dead cards till turn 5 maybe cut a few

Posted 17 October 2020 at 14:57