by RisenDeep on 01 March 2018

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Deck Description

Wanted to make something with World Shaper and its unique set of abilities so thought of what would bring it better to value than something land and graveyard based. This deck is a fusion of Valakut/Scapeshift and Dredge that values from filling the graveyard while hunting down to either Splendid Reclamation or Eldritch Evolute from Bloodghast into World Shaper to either ping the opponent to death or have a ticking time bomb that will fire another Splendid Reclamation like effect to instant win.

It should be fair simple to get World Shaper onto the board using Eldritch Evolution by either sacrificing Bloodghast or Golgari Thug that have both the potential to return from the grave while Mystic Retrieval ensures that we have access to Eldritch Evolution or Splendid Reclamation in late game while Cut or Conflagrate could be used to get World Shaper from the board


+1 Canyon Slough
+1 Blood Crypt
-1 Steam Vents
-1 Mountain

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  • Dredge
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Deck discussion for Eldershift

Pretty good take on the idea.

Now, I need to check the sequencing, but /if/ the sequence works out favourably, a 1 of [Ob Nixilis, the Fallen] to fetch off sacrificing [World Shaper] to [Eldritch Evolution] could make for a decent alt finisher.

Scrap that, it won't work. The sacrifice clause on [Eldritch Evolution] screws with the idea. The sac is part of the cost, so [World Shaper]'s dies trigger will be put on the stack above [Eldrich Evolution]'s search.

Posted 01 March 2018 at 09:18


Is it? Wouldnt it be the way that you just have to pay the cost completely before EE goes onto the stack? So WS trigger as part of the cost should stay first on the stack while EE for example could still be countered

Posted 01 March 2018 at 20:17


It's like that according to my store's Event Organizer, though I have proven him wrong in the past. If you can find a definitive (or close to) ruling on this that proves him wrong, please share.

Posted 01 March 2018 at 23:36


Did some research and found what helps us to solve this problem here:
and here:

So what happens will be:
1 Placing EE on the stack
2 Determine casting cost
2.a Pay {1}{G}{G}
2.b Sacrifice WS
3 Put WS trigger on the stack
4 Pass priority

So yes, you are right because Ob Nixilis, the Fallen enters the battlefield after World Shaper's trigger resolved, you wont get any benefits from its Landfall trigger

Posted 02 March 2018 at 07:36


Playtesting pointed out that there was some misbehavior in the mana base and some bad drops that let fail the game. Adjusted the mana base so it works better now with the black components while still working with the green ones

Posted 15 March 2018 at 09:26