by Selkyas on 12 January 2021

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Deck discussion for doomsday

The downvote troll has liked a lot of someone's decks in order to bury one of my decks that taunt him.
Because your deck was below mine, it was also buried.

I'm compensating by sending you (and some others) this message, which will put you back on top of the displayed decks.

If you are curious about the post, it's named:

Downvote troll cant get it up-

The full title was supposed to be

Downvote troll cant get it up-voted

But I ran out of text :)

Posted 13 January 2021 at 22:07


thanks men :)

Posted 14 January 2021 at 05:08


No problem :)
I'm trying to get people to talk more with each other in here, but for some reason they can't keep it up. The trolls activities prevent us from "seeing" each others work, by upvoting a lot of old posts at random.
If people started to talk with those who made new decks we might be able to build up a network.
If not, the troll will eventually crash this place and find another.
Thanks for replying :)

Posted 14 January 2021 at 11:12


You should add a deck description so that people know what you grab with doomsday

Posted Monday at 04:59


Its actually one of my private deck that i put in public by mistake lol

Posted Tuesday at 17:51


The overall answer is draw and thassa's, or thassa's and draw depending on the hand.

Posted Tuesday at 17:56


I understand the general idea I just wanted to know the specific plan. Also this is a neat deck.

Posted Wednesday at 13:20



Posted Wednesday at 16:21


Translate it as sweaty:)

Posted Wednesday at 21:26


I complimented the deck,what's confusing?

Posted Thursday at 05:22


Compliments are best served exaggerated :)
Calling it neat is not so cool as calling it totally awesome sweatproducing.
Sure people knows that it usually isn't true, but they prefer the lie.

That said, I find this deck so cool that if I ever tried to shuffle it, my fingers would break into tiny fragments of splintered icy flesh and bone, and I would likely still try to shuffle it with my arm stumps ;)

Why are we geared to prefer lies ?
Because evolution favors deception. Most lifeforms on earth are camouflaged against several types of vision, creatures imitate the colorpatterns of toxic animals, some drop their tail, some puff themselves up to look larger.
For humans, having a good liar on their side is a very usefull thing. Women largely prefers men that can say they will bring them the stars, because a skilled liar is simply usefull.

Posted Thursday at 06:17


I can lie pretty well,but I excel at manipulation. That being said I'm not going to say your thing (in this case deck) is better or worse then it is because you get as much credit as you earn no more no less, or lie in a logicl debate because then I can't learn as much.

Posted yesterday at 04:22


Ironically I am an extremely skilled liar from being a game master at roleplaying for 35 years. I'm very skilled at building up a game session within short time. I practically only lie in emergencies.

Posted yesterday at 05:58


The best kind of lie isn't a lie at all. Have you heard that before?

Posted 19 hours ago


Something similar.
The best lie is the one with the most truth in it.

Posted 16 hours ago