Modern Green Stompy

by TheGreatGodLoki on 03 May 2021

Main Deck (60 cards)

Sideboard (15 cards)

Instants (5)

Artifacts (3)

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Deck Description

y personal favorite modern deck.

The way this deck works is simple, land an Experiment One (EO) or a Pelt Collector (PC), and then let them grow.

Few Tips:

*Vines of Vastwood can stop opponents from targeting their own minions, so Temur Battlerages and such fizzle.

*Don't be afraid to use Vines as a basic protection spell, you can't never count on your opponent to not remove your creatures on their/your turn.

*Sometimes shrinking your EO is useful to avoid losing him altogether. He'll grow back

*Never be afraid to fire off an Aspect of Hydra to push damage, this deck wants/needs to be the aggressor on every turn

*Remember kids, turning sideways is your friend. This decks runs 29 creatures, 31 if you count the villages. You'll always have one in your hand.

*And remember, this deck isn't a top tier deck, it won't win every match up and that's fine.


The sideboard I've tuned to deal with some of my decks overall weaknesses.

Scavenging Ooze x3: Dredge and Graveyard Decks

Damping Sphere x3: Because Fuck Tron and Storm, and Prowess.

Veil of Summer x3: Jund and control decks mess with us too much to keep an established board state.

Deglamer x2: Let's go Heliod and maybe some Boggles

Kitchen Finks x2: Life gain is an issue with this deck, and burn matchups suck. This helps us stay in the game just a little longer.

Old-Growth Troll x2: If you're facing a control deck, this guy works wonders, a little less aggressive than his cousin (Steel Leaf Champion), but with the added bonus of coming back whenever

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Deck discussion for Modern Green Stompy

Even with the low curve and low operational curve, 19 lands seems too low. Do you see a lot of mulligans?

Posted yesterday at 16:46