Simic Biovisionary

by Tylowrath on 05 February 2018

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Sideboard (6 cards)

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Deck Description

For the sideboard: if your opponent is running a lot of counterspells, than run savage summoning instead of some of the removal dodgers. If they are running very little noncreature spells, replace some spell pierces and negates with some essence scatters.

How to Play

Try to get through your dec as fast as you can to find and play those biovisionaries. Use your removal dodgers (dive down, simic charm, mizzium skin, and ranger's guile) to keep your biovisionaries alive. Counter spells as needed and try to clone some biovisionaries to get as many as possible to win the game.

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  • Alternate Win

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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Deck discussion for Simic Biovisionary

So with Repudiate // Replicate you have an additional copy spell that is basically modal if you wanted to run it, but your list and win condition looks interesting! Another solid include could be Incubation // Incongruity for the ability to filter through your deck for other copies of Biovisionary and you'd have an extra removal spell. Lastly, have you thought about Phantasmal Image or Cackling Counterpart as possible includes? Image is a bit expensive right now, but Counterpart is super cheap and comes with Flashback if you needed it. Not criticizing your build or anything, the list looks super sweet and goofy. Just making small suggestions that might improve consistency if you needed them, but either way I want to proxy this up and give it a shot!

Posted 24 April 2019 at 22:49


Thanks for the advice! I added some of the suggestions.

Posted 25 April 2019 at 00:53