by vaan104 on 26 March 2020

Mana Curve

Mana Symbol Occurrence

Type breakdown

Contagion Clasp1x Contagion ClaspArtifact $0.15$0.81$9.99
Contagion Engine1x Contagion EngineArtifact $11.05$15.27$29.97
Expedition Map1x Expedition MapArtifact$0.74$2.88$8.88
Jet Medallion1x Jet MedallionArtifact$24.35$27.44$48.84
Mana Crypt1x Mana CryptArtifact$87.50$111.31$311.71
Mana Vault1x Mana VaultArtifact$64.85$84.99$109.99
Sol Ring1x Sol RingArtifact$1.75$3.03$6.00
Throne of Geth1x Throne of GethArtifact $0.16$0.53$9.00
Lashwrithe1x LashwritheArtifact — Equipment$0.14$0.67$2.64
Lightning Greaves1x Lightning GreavesArtifact — Equipment$1.99$3.99$9.49
Swiftfoot Boots1x Swiftfoot BootsArtifact — Equipment$1.94$3.09$4.99
Sword of Body and Mind1x Sword of Body and MindArtifact — Equipment $9.78$15.10$50.37
Sword of Feast and Famine1x Sword of Feast and FamineArtifact — Equipment$45.44$49.89$85.49
Sword of Fire and Ice1x Sword of Fire and IceArtifact — Equipment$47.00$65.98$99.98
Sword of Light and Shadow1x Sword of Light and ShadowArtifact — Equipment$23.49$36.45$79.99
Sword of Sinew and Steel1x Sword of Sinew and SteelArtifact — Equipment$7.50$10.45$999.99
Sword of Truth and Justice1x Sword of Truth and JusticeArtifact — Equipment$14.75$20.00$301.00
Sword of War and Peace1x Sword of War and PeaceArtifact — Equipment$11.68$16.98$49.78
Phyrexian Digester1x Phyrexian DigesterArtifact Creature — Construct$0.05$0.20$2.23
Blightsteel Colossus1x Blightsteel ColossusArtifact Creature — Golem$26.00$41.90$98.99
Core Prowler1x Core ProwlerArtifact Creature — Horror$0.12$0.55$4.99
Corpse Cur1x Corpse CurArtifact Creature — Hound $0.12$0.25$2.24
Necropede1x NecropedeArtifact Creature — Insect $0.18$0.72$16.89
Phyrexian Juggernaut1x Phyrexian JuggernautArtifact Creature — Juggernaut$0.09$0.25$2.45
Brass Squire1x Brass SquireArtifact Creature — Myr$0.29$0.56$2.00
Ichorclaw Myr1x Ichorclaw MyrArtifact Creature — Myr $0.30$1.07$6.99
Blackcleave Goblin1x Blackcleave GoblinCreature — Goblin Zombie $0.06$0.20$2.59
Flensermite1x FlensermiteCreature — Gremlin$0.08$0.26$2.23
Reaper of Sheoldred1x Reaper of SheoldredCreature — Horror$0.49$1.08$16.89
Magus of the Coffers1x Magus of the CoffersCreature — Human Wizard$3.00$4.89$8.99
Flesh-Eater Imp1x Flesh-Eater ImpCreature — Imp$0.04$0.41$4.99
Plague Stinger1x Plague StingerCreature — Insect Horror $0.15$0.39$16.89
Ichor Rats1x Ichor RatsCreature — Rat $0.71$1.50$5.00
Septic Rats1x Septic RatsCreature — Rat$0.14$0.49$2.99
Whispering Specter1x Whispering SpecterCreature — Specter$0.54$1.60$16.89
Crypt Ghast1x Crypt GhastCreature — Spirit$5.00$6.84$12.00
Nirkana Revenant1x Nirkana RevenantCreature — Vampire Shade$7.28$10.00$16.77
Contagious Nim1x Contagious NimCreature — Zombie $0.03$0.25$2.67
Hand of the Praetors1x Hand of the PraetorsCreature — Zombie $3.77$5.00$16.89
Phyrexian Crusader1x Phyrexian CrusaderCreature — Zombie Knight$5.78$7.99$19.01
Necropotence1x NecropotenceEnchantment$24.00$28.04$39.94
Relic Putrescence1x Relic PutrescenceEnchantment — Aura $0.04$0.18$2.56
Snake Cult Initiation1x Snake Cult InitiationEnchantment — Aura$0.16$0.35$2.45
Darkness1x DarknessInstant$6.13$8.24$20.97
Grim Affliction1x Grim AfflictionInstant$0.10$0.25$1.23
Hero's Downfall1x Hero's DownfallInstant$1.78$3.69$13.99
Vampiric Tutor1x Vampiric TutorInstant$100.27$113.70$166.59
Vraska's Contempt1x Vraska's ContemptInstant$0.34$1.72$19.74
Bolas's Citadel1x Bolas's CitadelLegendary Artifact$2.00$4.02$11.11
Blackblade Reforged1x Blackblade ReforgedLegendary Artifact — Equipment$0.31$1.57$5.00
Umezawa's Jitte1x Umezawa's JitteLegendary Artifact — Equipment$12.64$17.71$39.01
K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth1x K'rrik, Son of YawgmothLegendary Creature — Horror Minion$3.69$5.89$39.98
Yawgmoth, Thran Physician1x Yawgmoth, Thran PhysicianLegendary Creature — Human Cleric$13.00$17.05$39.78
Erebos, God of the Dead1x Erebos, God of the DeadLegendary Enchantment Creature — God$6.95$9.43$15.65
Liliana of the Dark Realms1x Liliana of the Dark RealmsPlaneswalker — Liliana$15.76$19.06$38.99
Damnation1x DamnationSorcery$34.87$39.39$50.56
Demonic Tutor1x Demonic TutorSorcery$26.00$39.00$75.00
Diabolic Tutor1x Diabolic TutorSorcery$0.30$1.08$3.77
Exsanguinate1x ExsanguinateSorcery $3.86$5.76$15.25
In Garruk's Wake1x In Garruk's WakeSorcery$0.39$1.00$2.99
Increasing Ambition1x Increasing AmbitionSorcery$0.44$1.37$16.89
Spread the Sickness1x Spread the SicknessSorcery$0.08$0.26$1.23
Torment of Hailfire1x Torment of HailfireSorcery$6.80$9.00$18.99
Swamp27x SwampBasic Land — Swamp$5.94$26.19$26,999.73
Ancient Tomb1x Ancient TombLand$34.95$41.85$59.99
Cabal Coffers1x Cabal CoffersLand$55.00$68.22$93.30
Cabal Stronghold1x Cabal StrongholdLand$1.50$3.50$7.85
Inkmoth Nexus1x Inkmoth NexusLand$10.00$14.28$40.99
Karn's Bastion1x Karn's BastionLand$1.00$2.28$7.90
Rogue's Passage1x Rogue's PassageLand$0.35$0.60$2.49
Temple of the False God1x Temple of the False GodLand$0.10$0.45$999.99
Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx1x Nykthos, Shrine to NyxLegendary Land$17.45$22.37$61.45
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth1x Urborg, Tomb of YawgmothLegendary Land$22.57$26.79$39.99