Sol Ring my Captain, Sydri EDH

by volman321 on 12 November 2016

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Deck Description

Sydri with vehicles sounds so fun.... She can even animate sol ring which can crew the vehicles; hilarious...

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  • Aggro Artifacts
  • Sydri
  • Vehicles
  • Esper
  • EDH

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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  • Legal in Vintage
  • Not Legal in Legacy

Deck discussion for Sol Ring my Captain, Sydri EDH

If anyone is willing to provide feedback on potential changes for the current decklist, it would be much appreciated. Currently, the deck runs a lower curve with aggro vehicles that benefit off of sydri's ability to give them deathtouch and lifelink. The sideboard includes all the other cards I am considering adding. One note, the Kaya, Ghost Assassin in the main board is definitely not a good card for this deck, but I really want to play with it, so it stays. Thanks in advance for all recommendations!

Posted 17 November 2016 at 19:43