Animar edh

by whatever on 01 September 2012

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Deck Description

Utility animar with a combo twist. The point of the deck is to swing with an infinite/infinite animar using these combos:
ALUREN combos:

Aluren+shrieking drake= Infinite
Aluren+dream stalker= Infinite
Aluren+Man o' war= Infinite

Cloudstone curio combos:
2 eldrazi (kozilek+artisan)= Infinite animar, draws and ressurection

Tidespout tyrant combos:
Tyrant+Great whale= Infinite
Tyrant+Peregrine drake= Infinite
Tyrant+Cloud of faeries= Infinite

(All of these combos can also be done with equilibrium)

Now, what makes these useful:
Primordial Sage
Soul of the harvest
Garruks Packleader

These guys will let you draw until you get your win condition, then since you may draw a card you stop.

Win conditions:
Temporal fissure
Riku of two reflections

Riku lets you make infinite copies of every combo creature in every combo except with cloud of faeries, then with the urabrask you drew from the infinite draws they all have haste. Translation: game over.

Other noticeable combos: Tidespout tyrant+wood elves= search for all the forests in your deck and put them into play.
The deck doesn't really interact with the opponent as you can win (i have) as early as turn 4.

Thanks, comments and help appreciated, but i am trying to work with what i have, and may not be able to get all the expensive cards suggested, but i might have them, so if you have a suggestion, i will try to find the card and edit/see how it works. Thanks : )

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Deck discussion for Animar edh

Just a question, but why don't you have the deck in the place where you're supposed to put the cards?

Posted 14 September 2012 at 00:05


Yeah, I can see.

Posted 15 September 2012 at 20:35