A Traumatizing Curse

by Zoakselot on 18 July 2017

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Deck Description

When they brought curses back, I was inspired, as I had a Curse deck back when Innistrad was still new. Sadly, the only really good curse that they had was Fraying Sanity, so I was forced to make this deck. Main cards are Fraying Sanity and Mindcrank. Mindcrank makes curses like Tresspasser's, Of Scarabs, and Of Thirst more viable to be in a mill deck. And Of Misfortunes ties them all together.
Opponents take damage from curses, and the damage gets cranked into insanity.

How to Play

Merrow Witsniper is great for chump blocking, as its effect happens when it enters, and doesn't need to stay on the board. Hedron Crab stops very small creatures while still milling your opponent. Duskmantle Guildmage can also withstand some small creatures, while being able to mill when you have extra mana. Tie it's first ability into Mindcrank, and win unless your opponent can stop the combo. Mindshrieker is a great blocker as long as you have some extra mana, and gets powered up quite quickly, while milling your opponent by a lot. You'll want Mindcrank(s) as early as possible, as they'll make your damage dealing curses much better, and it will make Fraying Insanity start working. Trespasser's Curse punishes your opponents for playing creature, which is useful because this deck doesn't have much protection against creatures. It will also keep you alive a bit longer. Fraying Sanity will be your main source of milling as long as you have a Mindcrank. Also makes Traumatize a win condition. Curse of the Bloody Tomb speeds along the milling process. Torment of Scarabs is great - it deals with creatures your opponent has, and cards in their hand. If they choose to take the damage, they'll end up milling themselves as well, and triggering Fraying Sanity to mill them even more. Curse of Misfortunes will help to get out the curses you need, and will power up Curse of Thirst, thus powering up Mindcrank, thus powering up Fraying Sanity. Curse of Death's Hold isn't great unless you get it via Curse of Misfortunes, but it will make you take much less combat damage. Curse of Thirst feeds Mindcrank. Traumatize will kill your opponent if you have Fraying Sanity, assuming they don't do anything about it. Obviously you'll want better lands, but just add however many rare lands you can afford. For me, it's none.

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  • Mill
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  • Modern
  • Dimir
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  • Infinite Combo
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