Ydris Beats = Kruphix Revealed

by redskingm on 21 April 2017

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Deck Description

When I read the commander I thought this could be the replacement of my Kruphix Goodstuff Beatdown Deck after they banned the prophet. Black added the tutors and Ydris cascade is free mana too.

How to Play

Early game is just tutor and mana ramp. You want to try and keep board presence low and let someone else be the target. Ydris comes out midgame. Thassa is your first tutor target as she is indestructible gives a passive scry each turn for hand quality and gives Ydris unblockable. to cascade. If you get more tutors Kruphix is your next target so you can bank mana and have unlimited hand size. Once you get eldrazi you want to get aggressive with them. Annihilator may only cause people to sac lands but it still weakens their mana base. There are no overt win conditions other than big fatties (Rancor and Dragon Throne provide Trample) (Thassa and Rogue's Passage provide unblockable). But the deck will be less of a threat than combo and the combo decks (if known) should take the early wrath and give you time to get rolling.

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Deck discussion for Ydris Beats = Kruphix Revealed

You have a surprisingly low amount of ramp given the high mana curve.

Posted 21 April 2017 at 22:14


I do not know what people consider a low amount of mana ramp... I thought 10% of the deck as ramp or mana storage effects was solid. This does not include the Urborg and Cabal coffers combo. I wanted Lili of the Dark Realms but didn't think I could justify it with only 6 swamps and 1 swamp shock land. If I can get the other 2 swamp shock lands she is a possibility. Sword of Feast and Famine was a late cut for this build and it would be nice to put back in but not sure what to cut for it. I would love to grab opinions on what to cut for it.

13% of the deck is card quality and an early Thassa helps push down the big fatties so that you can draw into the ramp or more lands. Eventually I should invest in the G/B and the G/U fetch lands and replace Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse as they are more efficient.

Finally there is Ydris himself. With more big fatties in the deck, when you cast a thumper... you are more likely to hit one with cascade. When Thassa out and is not a creature it is very difficult to get rid of him and Ydris becomes unblockable turn in and turn out. Whatever free card you cast with cascade is a ramp in and of itself. You can not count of Scroll Rack or Sensai's Top but if you have one manipulating the cascade can be fun. Thicket Elemental, Moldgraff Monstrosity and Sheoldred also provide card advantage similar to Ydris which ramps up the battlefield.

I don't know if this is just the games I played but when I had the original Kruphix build if I hit two ramps early it made me a target just for the potential I could drop a turn. I find it better to slowly ease into the ramp and let other people be targets than try to hold on by the seat of my pants and pull a win out of nowhere.

Posted 22 April 2017 at 00:03