Daerius, Malice, and Death

by camred333 on 13 September 2019

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Deck Description

Chaos, Malice, Destruction, Treachery: This deck embodies the characteristics of it's namesake, Daerius the Lost.

Chaos is embodied through it's use of wheels: all will lose cards to their graveyard, it will fill my graveyard, and I will steal from yours.

Malice is embodied through the use of hand hate and land destruction: expect to be hated, expect to be feared.

Destruction is embodied through the use of incredibly power demons, dragons, avatars, gods, and praetors. Their abilities are just plain gross.

Finally, Treachery is embodied through it's use of cards such as Tree of Perdition. Expect to pit players against eachother. Wreak havok. They will never want to make a deal with you, but they will be forced to.

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