by Creeco on 13 October 2021

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Deck discussion for Storm

First thing that leapt out to me is Underworld Breach. It's 6 bucks, which might not fit the budget, but is an in-game cheaper version of past in flames.

Posted Wednesday at 19:08


So sorry for rudest language, but baral fucking sucks here. Yeah -1 mana cost for instant and sorcery but no card draw. very wholesome budget deck, but youcan just grinning ignus birgi grapeshot enemey

Posted Wednesday at 21:11


What? Baral is one of the few creatures worth playing in storm. Most modern storm lists only run Baral and Electromancer. The cost reduction is far more valuable than you think. It makes every red ritual net 2 mana, it makes manamorphose net mana rather than be mana neutral.

In short baral is ran because he is a second copy of electromancer with a slight upside. I do think this deck needs to run remand though.

Posted Wednesday at 21:41


you want to play cards that recur or draw cards, you already habe le grapeshot why need lighting bolt it do nothing in this deck, play serum visions and card draw spells for more win

Posted Thursday at 09:50


and remand for more win yes, and fuck guttersnipe you can have card draw instead

Posted Thursday at 09:52