Modern Balanced Breakfast-Cmpt

by dknight27 on 19 April 2024

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Deck Description

You know what sucks? Trying to make decks in 2024 without the use of a cookie cutter. You know what doesn't suck? Eating a (counter)balanced breakfast.

Does anyone else miss the top? I sure do, I haven't wanted to play legacy since it got banned.

Regardless, this build attempts to abuse counterbalance through scry and surveil mechanics so you can counter every one-drop and two-drop in opponent's build, which is a majority of cards (for the most part). This (in theory) gives unbeatable inevitability for the W and is very difficult to side against, as you can't really shut down the tactical control of so much scry even if counterbalance isn't in play.

Rage Channeler is an absolute beast, as all your cards get a 'counterspell' potential stacked before they do anything. Imagine a one-drop instant that says counter target spell, then scry 1 and draw 1; god damn.

Mischievous Chimera works extremely well in the build, as you'll be pumping damage every turn and it effectively does the same thing as Rage Channeler on a budget but with a ping attached.

Brainstone is a flawless victory, and makes my heart ache that I can't just run brainstorm, but that's life.

All the other usual tricks of control with an extra helping of inevitability.

Feedback appreciated

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Deck discussion for Modern Balanced Breakfast-Cmpt

I just threw together a fork of this deck:
I thought it would be cool to use Experimental Frenzy to see the top of your library and manipulate the topdeck with Codex Shredder alongside DRC and Mischievous Chimera. I'm not super familiar with the modern meta, I haven't been following it closely just because all the domain and scam decks are really boring to me. I also put together a sideboard, Brazen Borrower can deal with Leyline of the Guildpact in domain matchups and set you up for a later Spell Pierce. I expanded on the Urza's Saga toolbox as well, with the new Lavaspur Boots and a few more cards in the sideboard. Let me know what you think, I haven't built a modern deck in a long long time though

Posted 14 May 2024 at 13:36