Modern Realestate(NewDecktype)

by dknight27 on 04 January 2018

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Deck Description

A control build that uses Crucible of Worlds both as a win condition, a control element, and as a card advantage engine. In here, crucible grabs material with fetch lands, constantly mobilizes man lands as chump blockers or as a consistent win condition, and combos with horizon canopy for extreme card advantage.

Gifts ungiven works wonders in this build. It searches out crucible, academy ruins, eternal witness, and whatever land you want to combo with crucible (man, fetch, horizon) and forces opponent to give you a working model no matter which he sends to the grave. Its also flashbackable with gearhulk for crazy card advantage.

The rest of the deck shuts down whatever opponent is doing until your man lands and/or gearhulk can get the job done.

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Deck discussion for Modern Realestate(NewDecktype)

Ghost Quarter also combo's well with Crucible.
Ramunap Excavator is a backup Crucible, and is also another Gift target.

Posted 15 January 2018 at 05:09


Agreed, ghost quarter and field of ruin got some consideration in here, but I like both options better in the side as 4 horizon canopies ramps the card advantage into another realm in this build. Playtesting might prove me wrong, but for now I prefer the certain advantage I get with canopy over the conditional advantage of ghost quarter in the main, especially when game 2 they will side in if opponent needs his colonnade as a win condition, etc.

I've run the excavator in other similar builds, and I definitely see his value, but I have a hard time keeping him on the field. He dies to the rule of 3, and I don't want to block off something smaller with him and get him magma jetted (etc), so I've not had too much success with him. He would be a good sub in to help gifts manufacture the combo, so maybe with time I will swing that way, but right now I'm counting on 3 crucibles to be enough to make this deck do what it needs to do with the recycled land mechanic being an addition, not an essential aspect. Who knows though.

As always, thanks for the feedback

Posted 15 January 2018 at 07:37