Modern Waldorf Salad-Competitv

by dknight27 on 20 November 2022

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Deck Description

Waldorf Salad: (Garden Salad + The Rock)/2

Garden Salad: playing around with land advantage and synergy for a value win
The Rock: GB value cards playing around with low-cost synergy

It's my theory that these two ideas fit together neigh on perfectly, and I've been paying around with them in various forms for a while now. Traditionally, the build wants to use land recursion, such as [[Life From The Loam]] and/or [[Wrenn and Six]] for direct advantage. I've got plenty of builds maxing out that concept, and I think the idea works pretty well. This version ignores direct land recursion, and instead splashes secondary land recursion and maxes out Rock value cards to make the build less dependent on key cards, and therefore more flexible.

Here's the synergy breakdown:

Dark Confidant- maximum card advantage on a beatstick, with bleeding minimized by the low curve, extra lands, and Shadowspear.

Elvish Reclaimer- grave filler, land fixer, almost guaranteed 3/4 beatstick that synergizes well with Liliana, Witherbloom, Confidant, Fatal Push, and all your tech/fetch lands.

Goyf- two-drop juggernaut that's close to 100% guaranteed to jump in as at least a 2/3, and will spend most of the game as a 3/4 or 4/5, all at value. Add in the diversity of card types at play in the build, and its the win condition modern has seen for years.

Witherbloom Command- ups the sorcery counter for Goyf, mills for Goyf, fetches a land back (perfect synergy with the tech lands, Liliana, and Reclaimer), and gives you removal for most of the problems in modern on top of that. With all the tech lands, it's basically a guaranteed +1 in material with tempo. You don't really want one in the opening hand though, so I dropped it to 3 so its more likely to hit as a topdeck when your grave already has tasty targets.

Tech lands- perfect synergy with the whole build.

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