cEdh - Hatebears

by Drizzlebaby on 06 April 2018

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Deck Description

The hate against the hate

It's a good ole fashioned hate circle

How to Play

I brewed this deck with the intention of hating out a Derevi deck that's in my paper meta. After testing online, it seems to be pretty good against other decks too.

The gameplan is pretty much to stop people from doing degenerate things, while trying yourself to do as much of that as you can.

The key 'lock' that this deck is trying to do is Linvala, Keeper of Silence + Living Plane. This can be done with Academy Rector + Eldritch Evolution for a one-turn combo, but it can be done other ways as well of course. This makes it so that they cannot tap their lands for mana. After that, it's good to have Stony Silence/Null Rod to shut the door on any further game actions they may have.

List of combos:

Living Plane + Linvala/Elesh Norn - opponents can't tap lands for mana

Notion Thief + Windfall - you draw a million cards, opponents discard their hands

Notice that almost all of the cards in the deck hate on Derevi-like strategies while at the same time don't hate on my own, but there are a few nonbos.

List of nonbos:

Manglehorn/Recruiter of the Guard + Hushwing Gryff - Kills the tutor from Recruiter (hey that rhymed!) and shuts off half of Mangelhorn, but his other ability is more important anyway against what Derevi is trying to do.

Cursed Totem/Suppression Field + Mother of Runes - the idea is that Mother is still great if you get her out early, and she can protect your combo, but she becomes pretty useless if you have to play Cursed Totem after she's in play. I might remove Mother, but I want to test with her first.

Spirit of the Labyrinth + Notion Thief/Windfall - While Notion Thief + Windfall is certainly a good combo, if the Spirit is in play it limits the value that Notion Thief can provide.. But with Windfall, if you are ahead on board, it's a reasonable play to Windfall everyone down to one card.

Retribution of the Meek + Elesh Norn/Gavony Township - Retribution gets way worse once you have an Elesh Norn in play or have activated Gavony a few times, but it can still be used in a pinch.

Note that there is no fast mana in this deck or creature-based ramp. This is because that is exactly what this deck is trying to stop from happening. Tons of artifact and enchantment hate scare off the fast mana or prison strategies. The lock prevents anyone from even tapping their lands. Cards like Ethersworn Cannonist/Eidolon of Rhetoric slow down the Derevi strategy while incidentally shutting down other archetypes like storm and other combo decks. Basically this deck says "play fair or don't play, but even if you play fair you will probably die"

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