Protein with a Twist

by Ely on 08 October 2019

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Deck Description

I need this community help on ideas with this deck.
This is modern legal .

see how to play below.

Thanks in advance.

How to Play

The idea behind this deck is to get the Protean hulk out as fast as possible by either Footstep of the Gyro or Through the Breach. The Protean hulk need to die quickly for his ability to happen. Once he's dead grab the four disciple of the Vault, 1 blood artist with the 4 walking Hangarback and 4 stonecoil Serpent for casting cost of zero.

Once that happens, your looking at 40 damage coming at your opponent and yourself gaining 16 life in the process.

I need to know if I'm missing something to make it quicker and more constant on the combo.

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Deck discussion for Protein with a Twist

try running entomb to bring the hulk out and put it into the graveyard from your library; instead of summoner's pact. This way you can just run black and green, instead of 4 colors

Posted 08 October 2019 at 20:07


Entomb isnt modern legal tho.

Posted 08 October 2019 at 20:42


Fair point.

Posted 09 October 2019 at 14:15


I'd say that the most difficult part of the deck is to get the cards to summon the hulk for cheap and at the same time you mustn't draw any of the combo cards, because then it all falls apart.

Having built lots of rogue decks I often try to get the impossible to work, and believe me you are having one of the most paradoxical strategies with this.

My best advice would be to find some way to get cards from your hand back into the deck, which means you have a very limited cardpool to choose from.

Second advice will be to have tutoring.

Posted 09 October 2019 at 17:51