Shattergang brothers edh

by epiccokeguy on 04 March 2014

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Deck Description

Shattergang brothers control through sacrifice

How to Play

Mana is important the more you have the more you can control, sacrifice and reanimate, control opponents, kill opponents... Tho the deck revolves around shattergang it has other means of creature control through sac engines and grave pact/butch/savra also goblin bombardment can be used as a win condition or you can over run them with tokens or beat then down with powerful creatures also falkenwrath noble and blood artist can be win conditions

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  • Jund
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Deck discussion for Shattergang brothers edh

theoritcally. how much money would you spend on this deck. is it meant for 1 vs1 or multiplayer. are you tied to any themes. whats the meta where you play consist of. respond and i will try to help you out. :)

Posted 04 March 2014 at 17:59


I don't want to spend any money just trade for cards haha there is a couple ideas I have I was just curious to see what anyone else thought most I play it in multiplayer but it works very well 1v1 and I have played it in 60 card format and it does well also but I'm still curious too see other peoples input

Posted 04 March 2014 at 18:21


I'm thinking about trading for a maze of ith to help slow down commander damage and what not but I don't know if it's worth it :/

Posted 04 March 2014 at 18:26


I've found that I can take care of most problems with my deck due to his ability to control artifact enchantments and creatures but I have trouble with just 2 creatures jubilation angels which I can use kill spells for or something but sigarda, host of herons is my huge problem

Posted 04 March 2014 at 18:29


maze of ith is always worth it. that card is just So SO good. but there are some of the budget versions that are also very says creature deals no damage the other exiles and brings it back. so i take it your strictly casual but just want a decent deck. ok, well this deck seems like it wants to just be an oppressive f tard, which im all about.

as for sigarda, toxic deluge is awesome, kagemaro, blacksun, damnation, blasphemous act. tons of ways to kill that chick.

since i dont know what kind of "budget" your working with ill just think of cards that come to my head.

Posted 04 March 2014 at 18:40


so first i would want a creature based ramp package. that seems like it would be awesome because in the early game they would acceralte you while your trying to establish board presence and later the can be eaten for cheap. also got to have alot of it otherwise its not ramp you know. So birds of paradise, llanowar elves, elvish mystic, fydhorn elves, elves of deep shadow, bloom tender,oh the myrs would be aesome, so copper leaden and iron.

that may seem like alot but your in a 100 card deck you may only see two. but you need to see them. vital. it means shattergang comes out earlier and doesnt allow boards to get eastblished before hes wrecking things.

also i like junk diver and myr retrievers for this deck. its recurssion and its low cmc and its gets either creatures or artifacts. Whoa.

skull clamp screams at me for this deck. same with bitterblossom but those are a little more pricey, but the constantly provide sac and draw for the things you sac.

mindslicer seems just dumb with this deck. you may think why would i want to discard my hand, well you have board control, they arent doing shit. removing there hand seems like a great way to establish just back breaking advantage.

phyrexian reclimation, volrath stronghold for recurion, also i kinda like a reanimator sub theme for the deck. kokusho seems legit because your going to get some hate. acidic slime, seems gross to keep bringign back into play. flesh bag seem awful to keep bringing back into play

as for enchantments,, rancor also seems good, fallen ideal seems really good, also aspect of mongoose seems awesome because these are all cards that are good not being sacrificed. but mainly i would just throw in a couple of enchant removal, revent silence, all oppo gain six life cast for free destroy all enchants. or spring cleaning seems good.

artifact, spine of ish sah, nighthowler seems really good.scarecrone also seems good, trading post is always good. also good old smokestax. if you dont know this card read it slowly and carefully. theres a reason its a legacy beast. cliff notes version, you increase the soot counters after you choose to sac so you sac one they sac two. and you dont have to sac the turn after it comes into play because you stack the triggers to look for soot then add counter. also you dont have to increase soot counters. amzing for this deck.

awakening zone seems good, its ramp, its an enchant to sack it produce creature with grave pact. gg

jeeze the more i look into it the better this guy seems, contamination, garruck wldspeaker make dudes to sac ramp, low cmc, squirrels nest and earthcraft combination seems good because both pieces seperatley are totally playable for you. and does living plane seems a little insane to you. just start creature sacing there life away. then theres life from the loam which would be awesome crucible of worlds of you could get your hands on it, also dust bowl seems awesome, winter orb seems awesome, strip mine seems awesome.

Braids cabal minion and goblin welder make this deck pretty oppressive, while welder makes the deck pretty hard to stop.|

now you definatley need some draw, i would go with fecundity, skull clamp, phyrexian arena, might not be able to get a hold of sylvan library but if you can do it aweosme investment, dark prophecy, underworld connections isnt great but if you have to it can work, memory jar with welder or any other artifact recurssion is just nuts.. tutors would be great for consistency. demonic tutor, diabolic edict, diabolic tutor, sounds dumb but its insane is tainted pact, there's definatley a place for yawgmoths will in here. vengevine, lord of extinction.

ok my brain hurts now lol.

Posted 04 March 2014 at 19:27


thanks for the input i will look into these cards and see what comes of it ^^

Posted 05 March 2014 at 00:57


hope it helped

Posted 05 March 2014 at 01:01


Triskelion-Its pretty cheap/common, and its and infinite combo with mikeus
Bloodghast-You can sac a creature pretty much every turn, or twice if you have fetch lands
IMO, inferno titan doesn't really fit in this deck... Eh... There are better choices
Apprentice Necromancer-It is a cheap drop and can reanimate any creature in your grave for a turn... like terastadon...
Leyline doesn't really fin here, unless its a combo piece, which in that case you would need helm of obedience to make it worth
Rescue from the underworld is surprisingly good in shattergang (its from threos)

Posted 12 April 2014 at 15:59


if you going to have all of these creatures dieing, why not add kresh the bloodbraid and gravepact.

Posted 12 April 2014 at 17:30


Leyline works extremely well against a lot of decks I play against, it's an enchant sack if I need be, and combos with trastadon. As for infinite combos go I'm not a fan of them I would rather have synergy it's more fun, Kresh would be nice I jus don't have one and inferno Titan is just basically for the free lightning bot and pump him of for big damage late game plus I can always sack and reanimate

Posted 14 April 2014 at 15:33


scratch gravepact found it in the deck already but why not Nether Shadow also??

Posted 12 April 2014 at 17:34