scavenge budget build

by genius13 on 22 February 2021

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Deck discussion for scavenge budget build

First of, the mana seems okay.
I always recommend at least 12 sources of mana in a color as a minimum.
You got that.

Force of savagery demands that it's toughness is in place before it hits the table. It cannot be saved by scavenge effects. It needs something more like an enchantment that says all creatures have +0/+1.

I like the idea of a blend between big creatures and infect, but it needs a little work.

A deck must have as much synergy as anyone can manage to build into it.
Rancor has synergy with all creatures and all creatures in your deck has synergy with rancor.

But theres an added thing to synergy.
The longer you can maintain the synergy, the better.
This is called staying power.

Both rancor and varolz have staying power, but compared with these, phyresis has no way to save itself. It's the weak link that your opponent will exploit every time you give them the option.

Soulgorger and regisaur sort of have staying power by being hard to kill. Both have synergy with varolz, but there is one weak link in this. Soulgorger demands creatures in play, which sort of disrupts all other creatures synergy with varolz.

Soulgorger will force you to sacrifice 1, then two and then three creatures and so on, and to be able to feed it you will need creatures to feed it. But which creatures ? You have your infect creatures, but with phyresis being a weak link in your synergy, would it be wise to sacrifice your infect creatures ?

Take a long time at grouping up which cards support different parts of your deck. Find the weak spots and think on how to fix them.

Seek out cards that fulfill several of your purposes and thus bring synergy to the table.

Could Fists of Ironwood solve your sacrificial problems and aid putrefax for example ?
What other creatures does it give synergy ?

The enchantment can be destroyed, and so can the tokens, but getting rid of the whole aspect of the card will be very difficult, which means it has staying power.

Inkmoth nexus also has staying power in infect decks, but can you figure out why ?

Posted 22 February 2021 at 22:51


thanks for the tips I am not trying to save my high power cards I want them to die in the case of putrefax I want to get in one stack with it deal some infect and the let it die putrefy is a finisher for when I am having trouble closing the game out. as for force of savagery I am fine with it dying because I can for three mana give something eight +1/+1counters. same idea for ground breaker. the should gorger is a cheap powerful blocker that when the upkeep trigger happens I will chose to sacrifice it giving eight +1/+1 counters on a infect creature. as for the phyresis I see your point I think I could find a better enchantment that will get the job done. thank you so much for taking time out of your day to comment and help me :)

Posted 22 February 2021 at 23:17


I thought scavenge always just added 1 +2/+1 counter, but reading on it again I can see it works well "your way".

That changes how I view the design of course :)

Time of need to get the troll will be a high priority, but I don't know the price of that card.

Posted 22 February 2021 at 23:47


thanks I added time of need the deck would not function with out the troll so that is a good card :)

Posted 23 February 2021 at 00:06


I left one phyresis for on the off chance I do not draw a infect card

Posted 23 February 2021 at 00:10


Jarad, golgari lich lord might be good, because it has a black green fling effect, in a deck full of high power creatures you want to die. Also probably won't be good, but the Karn from war could grab soulgorger from exile to be scavenged again

Posted 23 February 2021 at 02:11