Poisonous Pirates

by Hansen on 19 March 2018

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Deck Description

Blue/Black with just a splash of Red. Ixalan block cards only.

These are the bigger and better pirates that you won't see hanging around with Ruin Raider and his 2 CMC crew. The deck tries to produce quality and quantity at the expense of speed. Lots of deathtouch insures that even the biggest dinosaur should fear these pirates.

How to Play

- Most of the pirates that do the heavy lifting in this deck are 4 CMC. If you can play a Pillar of Origins on Turn 2, you can start playing the 4-drops on Turn 3.
- It is critical that your opening hand contain two lands besides Unclaimed Territory. If you can't cast Pillar of Origins or even Perilous Voyage on Turn 2, your mana may stall.
- The general idea is to attack with both menace and deathtouch, making it very costly to block. With four Dire Fleet Poisoners, and four Siren's Ruse to flicker them back into play, there should be so much deathtouch in the air that few opposing creatures will survive combat.

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  • Pirates
  • Grixis
  • Tribal
  • Block
  • Deathtouch
  • Casual

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