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Ye let's test the 19th land but what to cut?! Maybe the 4th Lightning Bolt?

Posted 25 November 2021 at 12:08 in reply to #645320 on Izzet Murktide


Your Sorcerie count seems a bit low to enable Delirium. That's why i'd play some number of Serum Visions over Thought Scour/Consider. I think i like Consider over Thought Scour here, wanna play the new cards! ;)

Posted 25 November 2021 at 12:04 as a comment on UR Aggro


You're on 18 or 19 Lands?
I'd rather wish for Murktides! No? ;)

Posted 25 November 2021 at 10:31 in reply to #645320 on Izzet Murktide


Reasoning for the 3rd Steam Vents? This List runs 14 red sources, i cut a Steam Vents for the 4th Island to help me with triple U under Blood Moon. Didn't play any games with this Deck so far, you may be right. I already thought about adding the 3rd Steam Vents as a 19th Land.
Brazen Borrower is definitley worth it but i don't have any so i raised the number of Counterspells to hopefully get some of that enchantments/artifacts on the stack. Also we could bring in EE and Jace to help playing around RIP and Force to have even more Counterspells.

Posted 25 November 2021 at 09:43 in reply to #645320 on Izzet Murktide


08.03.2021 SB Guide updated.

Posted 08 March 2021 at 08:02 in reply to #640861 on Izzet Prowess


I don't think so, but there is an Elves player in our playgroup. This SB guide is outdated, gonna rework it. Any matchups ur interested in?

Posted 08 March 2021 at 06:03 in reply to #640861 on Izzet Prowess


Loses to Leyline Of Sanctity. xD

Posted 26 November 2020 at 10:34 as a comment on Secure win!


This is one kickass Mill Deck!!! +1 for u!
Yeeeaaah! This is where the Ghost Quarters should be! We talked about ;)
Did u thought about Jace, Memory Adept? I played against a Mill Deck including him few days ago...and he really did a good job.
Also Jace's Phantasm would fit in here greatly but i'm sure u already know that - there's just not endless space in our decks right? ;)
Like it! Peace out!

Posted 08 August 2015 at 14:14 as a comment on [email protected][email protected] M!ll!ng


Nice one!!! +1 for u!
We've cloned ur deck and kicked it into a lil counter/bounce havier direction - cause thats just what mono blue wants to do;)
Have a look:
Maybe u'll find something in there u wanna include in ur already-pretty-cool-looking list;)
Keep rockin!
Da Staaack!

Posted 22 June 2015 at 12:11 in reply to #553924 on Blue controll


this deck is just PHAT!!!;)
maybe try out the combo with Disciple Of The Vault and Arcbound Ravager u already have the other combo pieces in there (Myr Retriever, Mycosynth Golem)
so u can sac retriever sac another one gain it back play it for zero sac...and diciple is shooting down.
won't happen very often but if it does it rocks!;)

+1 from me

Posted 07 June 2015 at 12:11 as a comment on Urza's Might


Think about Brave the Sands - awsm with deathtouch
As suggestion would be Murederous Cut - kills everything for 1 most of the time.

Mardu Hateblade +2
Mardu Woe-Reaper +1
Blood-Chin Rager +1
Chief of the Edge +1
Cief of the Scale +1

Sunscorch Regent -1
Ojutais Exemplars -1
Daghatar the Adamant -1
Dragonscale General -2
Butcher's Glee -1

Those Chiefs are super strong i think 4 of each would be cool.
Blood-Chin Rager gives u needed evasion and with Coat of Venom and Battle Brawler - super massive double kill actions outta nowhere!!! I love it!

Mardu Hateblade and Mardu Woe-Reaper to Speed up ur deck a lil and make ur curve look nice, u always wanna drop a guy on turn 1.

so far...pretty cool deck +1 for u!!!

Posted 24 April 2015 at 15:00 as a comment on [Budget] Warriors of Tarkir


aaah!!! mana base aufgestockt!;)))
ps.: i bins, da borobatitsch!!! xD

Posted 13 January 2015 at 22:53 as a comment on [Budget] Knights of Korlis


haha - funny
a few days ago i built a deck like this by myself^^
check it out if u want;) (dimir, notion thief)
i'm a big fan of notion thief and master of the feast - nice combo
but i think u should kick fate unreveler cause of the ability of the thief - it makes him much weaker as he could be - just saying
and i also would kick those guildgates - they are too slow and 8 duals are enough i think.
nice deck so far...keep on rollin!;)
peace, hunns

Posted 12 July 2014 at 15:55 as a comment on Forcefeed


that's a funny way to win
awsm!!! ;)

Posted 18 June 2014 at 00:15 as a comment on AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!


Seems like a very cool deck.
Planing to build a selesnya deck by myself
Think this could be a good base;)
Greetz hunns!

Posted 09 May 2014 at 14:39 as a comment on Budget Selesnya Auras


POW! This one i like!;)
Think i should build one like that by myself;)
But i think i won't go standart^^

Posted 08 May 2014 at 14:27 as a comment on The Meanest Deck Ever


Nice one!
I love those hydras!!!;)
And i love the gruul colours!
Maybe u could reduce the number of gods and planeswalkers and add some burn spells and stuff to survive the first few rounds.
Greetz hunns!:)

Posted 08 May 2014 at 14:21 as a comment on Humongous Hydras!!


very cool deck - a little expensive - but very cool
yeah lazav would be a good deal! - think about it!

Posted 29 April 2014 at 16:56 as a comment on Dimir Control


"heroes' bane" i mean :)
"primordial hydra" is pretty cool as well ;) - but not standart and not journey into nyx

Posted 29 April 2014 at 16:19 in reply to #457986 on Mana Ramp at it's Best!


i'm on it;)
if u wanna run journey into nyx cards, "primordial hydra" would also fit perfectly.

Posted 29 April 2014 at 16:16 in reply to #457986 on Mana Ramp at it's Best!


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