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by laservader2 on 13 January 2021

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Deck Description

Narset+ Day's + layline hopfully lasts you a long time in the game until you can play omniscience, then trying to hit enter the inifinte so you can win with thassa's.

How to Play

The bounce effects are hopefully better with day's undoing making them more like hard removal. The idea here is for you to start with a leyline or get it out, then to play narset into a days undoing while you have been countering/bouncing. After a day's undoing comes down with a narset in play you should be in a good position, then you stall for your win con and keep cycling through your deck with days undoing until you get there. Leyline lets you days undoing without having to end your turn as you play it on your opponents turn.

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Finally a bounce deck that has a good idea with it

Posted 15 January 2021 at 04:53