Dimir Unblockable

by LordOlga on 06 January 2019

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Deck Description

-=The Purpose=-

This deck is centered around the Cipher keyword and other similar effects. It features many, potentially all unblockable creatures through which you are to trigger a number of abilities through combat damage or the condition of being “unblocked.” The deck operates at a medium speed, but does feature some minor control to mitigate this.

It’s currently known downfalls would be that it doesn’t perform well against decks that create an overwhelming amount of creatures very quickly and it cannot access the graveyard.

I’ve really enjoyed the Cipher keyword that Dimir got in RtR, and from that enjoyment, this deck was born. This deck has gone through several iterations, but I always felt it was held back by the fact that I was making a lore based deck. So this is a sort of secondary version of the deck that is unrestrained by Dimir’s lore. So I’m very open to a wide array of suggestions, however keep in mind that I would like to keep the spirit of the deck intact.

-=Card Breakdown=-

-Curious Obsession-
Pretty decent draw since you can reliably do combat damage. Also gives the unblockables a bit of a damage boost. They will all still be pretty squishy, though.

-Hands of Binding-
This deck isn’t super lightning fast. This will help stall your opponents a little bit while you get yourself settled in.

-Hero's Downfall-
Kills stuff.

-Hidden Strings-
Useful for controlling the board. You can also use it to untap your lands and provide a pseudo-mana ramp.

-Inkfathom Witch-
One of the win cons. Take a swing, wait for blocks to be declared, use her ability, and deal some heavy hits.

-Invisible Stalker-
The main target for the Cipher abilities. His Hexproof will make him difficult to get rid of.

-Mana Leak-
A counter. Pretty self-explanatory.

-Mental Vapors-
Make your opponent discard pretty consistently. Slow your opponents progress a little so you can have more time to establish your board.

-Shadow Slice-
Deals pretty decent damage, especially since it can be used twice the turn you play it. When combined with Inkfathom Witch’s and/or Stinkdrinker Bandit’s ability, you can get the damage to be pretty scary.

-Slither Blade-
Just a fast 1 drop unblockable creature to get things started.

-Stinkdrinker Bandit-
This guy will give yet another combat damage boost to unblockables, similarly to Inkfathom Witch. He also can easily come into play for 2 CMC instead of 4 with his Prowl ability.

-Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive-
Makes himself, Stinkdrinker Bandit, and Inkfathom Witch unblockable so that they can join in on the action. He also has the biggest butt and can do some blocking if need be.

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Deck discussion for Dimir Unblockable


Personally I always use Rune Snag over Mana Leak.
Last Thoughts can give you some card-advantage, [[Thieves' Fortune]] could also be an option if you want to stick to the rogues/ unblockable. Phyresis could be a nasty surprise for your opponent especially with Inkfathom Witch + Stinkdrinker Bandit. Whispersilk Cloak would also be an option to provide your creatures with some protection, tough making them not target able by Stinkdrinker Bandit's ability and further slice spells.
The only creatures profiting from Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive's ability is Tetsuko himself and Stinkdrinker Bandit. Personally I would use another 2-4 counterspells or unblockable creatures like Dimir Infiltrator or Tormented Soul instead.
As sideboard option I would suggest Echoing Truth which can make quick work of token/ swarm based decks


Posted 07 January 2019 at 12:12


I may consider the switch between Rune Snag and Mana Leak.

A lot of these suggestions actually used to be in previous versions of the deck! I’ll explain the switches.
Last Thoughts was replaced by Curious Obsession simply on the basis of it costs less and does more in a practical sense. I used to have Whispersilk Cloak, but the Shroud was too much of a pain for me to work around. Ended up switching it out for Aqueous Form and then finally got rid of that idea all together in favor of just making my creatures do all the work. Dimir Infiltrator ended up getting cut for not being a rogue and was replaced by Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive. Speaking of, he also benefits Inkfathom Witch. Fear is not unblockable, so it’s nice to just add to the fire power with 3 more creatures when I take swings.
As for your Echoing Truth suggestion, I think that’d be a great sideboard option if I ever get my lazy butt around to making one. :P Thanks for bringing these to my attention!

Posted 08 January 2019 at 02:50


I highly recommend dimir aqueduct in here on account of the hidden strings. Also I may be stealing Inkfathom Witch for my own (terrible) unblockable dimir cipher deck, so thanks.

Posted 15 March 2019 at 06:55