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Pionner Metagame, get ready for Legendary Satyrs! With Gallia alongside Anax and Mox Amber, this new deck is hella FAST! How will it fare against the THB Pioneer Metagame? Let's find out!!

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Deck discussion for [Mox SATYR Deck!] THB PIONEER!

Let me know what you guys think of the deck! :D

Posted 04 February 2020 at 14:08


If you wanna get back at wizards for their sexual harassment stunt, you should know that their R&D team which makes up the cards have been very very VERY naughty themselves.

All creatures with the ability mutate are having perverse names.
The mechanic itself is rather sexual. You put one creature on top of the other and they "merge" considering all their names being perverse and the mechanic being perverse this was done pretty wilfully.

Now as if that wasn't enough, ikoria lair of the behemoths also gave the companions some hints at perversity.
And they are "companions" which on itself can be interpreted based on what I've already told you.

The set name might be a dirty reference as well, since ikoria lair of the behemoths isn't far from ichor-ia (ichor is slimy stuff) the set name is sort of slimy lair/ladylike world that frequent really big visitors (politely said)

I got almost all of the cardnames of these abominations listed on a page if it is of interest to you.

If you know how to search for deck tags search for: vulgarity
Otherwise search for the deck name:
All their names are pervy

I guess if you take that road wizards will go full scale on you, so only do it if you have a death wish.

But you could build a deck based on mutate as a mechanic and swing with creatures like migratory greathorn (a big horn that travels a lot) or necropanther and accidentally call it necro-panter (someone panting over the dead)
Cloud piercer (this think that somehow pierces windy formations)
I'll leave the set and you alone now, have fun ;)

Posted 15 September 2020 at 20:10