Only an annoying deck

by milesdererste on 10 October 2021

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Deck Description

I just put together some of my favourit blue cards and artifacts, because of the Leyline and the Bazaar the deck contains every card only once.

How to Play

Stop the opponents play anything and finish them with one of your fatties or wait untill they run out of cards.

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  • Multiplayer
  • Mono Blue
  • Kitchen Table

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Deck discussion for Only an annoying deck

Don't forget the best of all multiplayer counterspells: Insidious Will. It's a counterspell, Fork or Deflection, whatever you need. All three options are annoying and therefore should be in this deck^^

Clever Impersonator should probably also be in here, gives you so many options.

If you have one, Karakas should be in. With Leyline, this is a monster.

Rhystic Study instead of Opportunity should also add more annoyance :)

Main problem would be that can't do much about creature based decks early on. One of my favourite cards and "secret weapon" (so secret I have bought a playset but never used them so far) is Portal Mage. I guess you'll love him, too.

Posted Wednesday at 22:07


Good hints, Clever Impersonator will exchange the Spark Double and actually i love Portal Mage. I think i'll cut Staff of Nin.
I think about Back to Basics instead of Karakas...

Posted Thursday at 12:53


Oh and it wouldn't hurt to add an additional copy of the Leyline - it's crucial for the deck and although you have have some filter cards you might end up getting it too late or not at all.

More thoughts: The Bazaar actually WANTS cards in the graveyard in order to work. So, maybe, it's better to mill than to exile cards. Also, while Elixir of Immortality is usually a very good card, it is maybe counterproductive in here. See. of you have a Counterspell in your graveyard, nobody can play a Counterspell anymore. Then again, there are so many cards, that it is highly unlikely that anybody else has the same cards as you, even of they are good ones that are typically played. So maybe keep the Elixir.
But it you have a favourite mill card, consider replacing the Cap with it. Because most players will have multiples of the same card in their deck. So, if you mill a card, nobody can play it anymore. That's better than currently where they can play their first copy without problems.
Cellar Door is a harmless/slow mill card that also provides you tokens to block attacks.
Keening Stone is a brutal mill card that does nothing else. It's a true win condition in this deck and nasty with Bazaar.
[[Jace's Mindseeker]] is a combination of mill and Grinning Totem, essentially you mill for 5, play one of them and you also got a 4/4 flyer.

Sol Ring is missing.

I don't know why the link tag for the Mindseeker doesn't work, the spelling is correct.

Posted Thursday at 17:38


Since this for kitchen table multiplayer, as Puschkin said, Rhystic Study is fantastic. Along that similar line Mystic Remora and Standstill are huge annoyance's.

I don't know how open you are to splashing colors, but Smothering Tithe is equally as annoying as Rhystic Study, and it gives you more resources. You can pair cards like Smothering Tithe with cards like Stasis to really grind your opponents out.

@Puschkin; the brackets don't work on cards with apostrophes in their name.

Posted Thursday at 19:24


Mystic Remora is perfect for pentagram, thank you.
I like the idea playing Standstill, too. 4 guys laughing, one not :) And it's perfect for 2 Headed Giant

Posted Thursday at 20:22


But can you handle the additional cards they get? Remember, if you are the annoying one, they'll hit you first with those cards. Olli has a Standstill deck but he couples it with Arcane Laboratory, which not just also annoying, it's a deadly combo. And games are horrible. Anyway, Standstill without backup doesn't do good.

Posted Thursday at 20:28


Fair point. Running cards like Eidolon of Rhetoric and/or Rule of Law would be a good thing to do with Standstill.

Posted Thursday at 20:31


Ok, Standstill ist only for 2 Headed Giant.
I think, windfall would fit.

Posted Thursday at 20:51


Added Cellar Door and Codex Shredder, so i have enough options to mill.
The Fatespinner was upset, i had to invite him to take part, also the Siren Stormtamer.
I changed Muddle the mixture with Deprive and added Recantation.
Jace, Ingenious Mind-Mage is not that bad, but has to leave, when i can add the second Leyline

Posted Thursday at 21:59