Budget 5-Color Sliver Tribal

by SuperMegaPanda on 06 November 2018

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Deck Description

This is about as budget as I could make this deck without having it be awful. I hope you like the idea!

This deck took me forever to make, so I seriously hope you like it.

How to Play

I have specific reasoning behind Bring to Light. Since every land in the deck can make any kind of mana, what you can do is make all 5 colors to cast it, then search for the Sliver Hivelord. In fact, it hardly seems fair, especially to anyone who is playing casually against you. The rest of the deck is pretty self-explanatory, it being a web of powerful creatures that all interconnect to make an army of unstoppable slivers, and if one part of the Web breaks, the rest is pretty much unchanged.

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Deck discussion for Budget 5-Color Sliver Tribal

I like the Bring to Light combo you have in this deck. The only foreseeable problem is the a lot of the lands are very specific for creature casting, versus Bring to Light.

Posted Wednesday at 20:02


But if you have the ones that don’t combo’ed with Gemhide, there’s no issue

Posted Thursday at 17:41


That's true...you just can't use it with sliver hive or unclaimed territory

Posted Thursday at 17:43


But there are 16 other lands in the deck that can give any mana for non-creatures

Posted Thursday at 17:45


fair enough. Still a fun idea

Posted Thursday at 18:00



Posted Thursday at 18:16