Korvold Is Kinda Busted

by SuperMegaPanda on 14 September 2021

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Deck Description

Korvold is simply ridiculous.

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  • Korvold
  • Sacrifice
  • Fun
  • Commander
  • EDH
  • strong

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  • Not Legal in Standard
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  • Legal in Vintage
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Deck discussion for Korvold Is Kinda Busted

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Posted Tuesday at 19:01


I think the brief description given may portray all I am feeling about this decklist personally, but I don't know about your feelings on the matter.

Posted Tuesday at 23:33


Treat me like a simpleton :)
Why exactly is korvold ridiculous?
Is it a great card, and if so, why?
Is it the worst card, and if so, why?
And out of 99 cards, which of them makes korvold the shit (in any direction)

Posted Wednesday at 01:04


Korvold pumps himself while drawing you cards each turn, so he's like a sac outlet and Phyrexian Arena rolled into one. The rest follows the same tune: sacrifice small stuff to generate incredible value and pump Korvold further because of the trigger on the second half of the card. If left unchecked, in just a couple turns, Korvold can turn into a 10/10 or even bigger flier, all while value is being generated everywhere else so you can just run away with the game at any point, early- or late-game.

Posted Wednesday at 03:31


I get the picture now.
Thank you.

Posted Wednesday at 13:24