Grixis Control Theros

by TRMTG on 21 October 2013

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Deck Description

I recently built and Izzet control deck. After playing for a few weeks I have decided that with the current landbase and just how strong black is that splashing a bit of black would be the way to go. This is what I have come up with.

How to Play

Counter everything until you can resolve your win cons. Either Master of cruelties + Magma Jet / RakRet or just old fashioned Aetherling Play. Just looking to combat mono devotion decks and the esper-walker decks. It should play relatively well with enough counter for you to resolve your threats. Lacking white there is obviously no Sphinx's Revelation. I am attempting to play around it with a quicker game. Good draw, good scry and realistic threats. Rakdos's Return can honestly be just devastating in its own right though, lest we forget.

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  • Grixis
  • Control
  • Standard

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