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It's looks like it has had a past as a presence og gond deck :)

The closest I've been to commander decks is running a few decks with singletons only.
I got a halfdeck based on that, and the idea was to test out some stuff on mtgarena one day. I'm getting closer to that project...

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It's my guess that you'd only face burn during the early rounds as their low run rate will cull them from the top game and send them to the loser brackets.

Initially you'd have a 1 in 5 chance of meeting one during the first round. Then the second round you'll have a 1 in 10 chance of facing one (because 50% of them got sent to the loser bracket)

I basically chose the selesnya deck at random. There were 5 listed that I could copy and I chose the first without looking at the rest.

I noticed that your zoo was last updated in 2011 which is a bit back in time.

Do you know of pre-DH as well as pr(e)dh ?

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Why thank you.
This article was more or less a warm up/first edition.
It currently lacks the links that tie in all of the evidence.
During the 2006 the early manipulation of decklists began with the goal of manipulating cardprices, but it opened up for the manipulation of the meta too. I usually link to an old article by saffron olive that covers how wizards of the coast have only worsened the situation by only releasing a small section of their own data.

There are other details that need to be covered as well.

One aspect is that the entire cycle of rebels versus oppressive manipulators is more or less the marketing strategy of the game. In basically all of the storylines covered stretching back to the weatherlight saga, this war between players is the driving force. But with one fraction out of the picture the concept is threatened, so it's a puzzle to me why wizards are allowing it.
Rebels vs oppressive regime is a timeless classic, but by not fixing this they mark themselves as oppressive. A target for rebellion.

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I remember having seen the dimir Guildmage being a common.
If they've all been commonized the simic Guildmage might be of particular interest.

There's also my favourite "go to" fate transfer.

I think I've asked you the "phone question" before but with a french word at that time.

I often write something, hit the public button and then speadread and correct the damn thing seconds later.

I think stingmoogie might be nice with red proliferate.

Before pawbo was spoiled we had a conversation about sneaking in some counters into my modern halfdecks. After that I spent some time looking at a bunch of cards with counters, so when pawbo got spoiled I had the whole thing in mind when the focus on proliferate got known. I realised that eventually people would figure out to proliferate the lands with counters, so I invested heavily in the set.

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You must have overlooked the more successful designs with pentad prism which took the concept close enough to become a storm decktype.

Also, auto spelling is a funny thing. The words and phrases you use the most have a tendency to pop into posts.
For example I've recently had to write "I lose" a bunch of times and the auto speller kept suggesting "I love"

I wonder why your auto speller suggested "hsa" instead of "has" ;)

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The answer is to have one faeries in play before casting a second.

I see a problem with the mana however.
You untap 2 lands, and a faerie cost 2 mana, so there needs to be lands in there that can produce UU. You can't trust high tide to be there every time.

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There is a growing number of convoke builds out there, but this one seems like it has potential.
There are a number of cards out there that might fit into this variant.

Posted 07 March 2023 at 23:03 as a comment on Sprout's Impact


Gravedigger or any other card that can bring back a creature from the graveyard or into your hand.

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No recursion loop for the nightmare ???

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There's a new trick in town.
Playing fight spells on your obliterator.
People who have been doing that haven't figured out what to do if the opponent has no creatures.

I however remember forbidden orchard.
(Which provides both black and green mana).

Posted 01 March 2023 at 20:01 as a comment on Abzan obliterator 2-25 austin


To complete the loop.

Lotus-eye mystic

It even supports both of the major themes

Posted 28 February 2023 at 21:53 as a comment on SacrificialCircus882


Those that you've got two of...

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4 goblin blast-runner
4 goblin bushwhacker
4 kuldotha rebirth
3 flaring pain
4 searing blaze
4 implement of combustion
4 great Furnace
3 burning prophet
1 kessig flamebreather
2 sawblade scamp
4 raze
2 electrickery
4 galvanic Blast
2 lava dart
3 mutagenic growth
3 shattering blow
2 relic of progenitus
1 the autonomous furnace

+/- 1 gorilla shaman
+/- 1 end the festivities
+/- 1 fireblast
+/- 3 mountain

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Yeah, pentad prism will be powerfull.
There's a bunch of black/blue proliferate designs out there, but I think wizards intended them to include white for sunscape Familiar so each spell just costs a black or a blue.

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It's a longtime favourite of mine.
Each time there's a new set with counters I always return to it.

I love seeing pentad prism in proliferate designs, but I suspect oil counters will also be quite good.
There's that common elf that can untap depletion lands.

It's funny, but one day they will probably make a card that can both transfer and alter counters between different cards/players.
Transforming planeswalker points into poison counters, killing an opponents planeswalker to kill them too for example.

Posted 14 February 2023 at 19:03 in reply to #649260 on Hard Black niga Oil Time...


It's been a while since I've talked about [[fate transfer]]

Posted 14 February 2023 at 18:21 as a comment on Hard Black niga Oil Time...


In search of greatness always reminds me of the old birthing pod days.
You'll want to build up a manabase that can play out the deck naturally, then in games where you get the greatness you will see a speed up of the deck, but by putting the focus on the mana your deck will be able to compensate for games where you don't get it.

Posted 06 February 2023 at 19:46 as a comment on Magecraft


Talons First strike + deathtouch changeling should be an easy include.

Posted 04 February 2023 at 20:00 in reply to #649159 on W/B Pauper: Changelings


40 forests ???
Must be a typo ;)

Posted 02 February 2023 at 02:23 as a comment on Thriss Bliss EDH


Thank you :)
I'm working hard at getting the reanimate parts to work as early as turn 3 at a high rate, and I'm trying to get it to work on a premodern basis.

Unfortunately the ping can't be made premodern with ease, so only the reanimate parts will be used there.

Posted 31 January 2023 at 19:40 in reply to #649134 on Davol cries if he wants to


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