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There are not that many competitive players in here.
A majority is more or less deckbuilding as a sort of artistic hobby, and I frequently see people staring that they are more casual/kitchen when competitive cards are suggested.

There are studies that reveal that positive communities become creative, while negative communities stops growing. Large numbers of newcomers may change the direction of a community, but few people choose to move into a negative community. That's why the overall solution by most governments is to tear down slums and rebuild the area.
The "problem" is then that a negative group of people is forced to move on, and they will bring a bad mood with them, which is sort of understandable when their already troubled lives are complicated by being without a home.

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Planeswalkers seem to follow the pattern regardless of their abilities, so if they aren't forming a line between agro and control, then what do you think goes on that causes the pattern to be there ?

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It's just a matter of the right structure.
In some countries parents choose who you get married to, enhancing the odds of becoming a respectable family at least in the economical department.

I can see several ways to install such a system.

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Then you shall never know which movie :p

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Anyways, it seems people dislike the troll hunt, so I'm stopping my own attacks against the troll as a show of goodwill. If it gets worse they can always beg me to restart :)

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Yeah, I found some aspects of it hindering and designed my own system.
First of all I eliminated the dice roll when creating characters instead using a point based system.
I also eradicated levels.
Most of my breakthroughs with my own rpg has been the creation of specialised tabels. I would create several types of random tables that allowed for a much more fluid encounter system.

One example is "the extendable/scaleable tabel" I would build up a tabel like this:

1: first of all the middle of the tabel reflects the border between two areas, where the middle is a perfect middle point between the two types of areas.

2: any phenomenon that can be mingled can be used. You can create the borderline between rich villas and slum in a city area. You can create the middle of a battlefield with 2-3 fronts. You can create the border between shallow waters and deep ocean, you can create the exact area where marshland meets mountain ground.

3: one end of the tabel must imitate the edges of the middle. If players are close to the borderline between a forest and a desert, then at one end there is some deep forest encounters, at the other end there is the deep desert encounters, and in the middle you have mixed encounters that sort of represent the edges of both environments.

4: instead of the usual d100 table you build it as a d150 table. If players are at the forest end you roll a d100. If they are at the desert end, you roll a d100 but add 50 to the result. When the players move towards one of the two borders you start adding or detracting points to a maximum of 50 points. If a travel through the border would take 5 days, use 10 points to scale up or down. If it takes 10 days use 5 points.

Here's a small d6 version of the concept:
1 deep silent wood and a deer.
2 thin forest, sand blows through the air. A large bear.
3 some small dunes of sand among the roots. A group of wolves.
4 between the close growing trees there is sand instead of grass. Giant wasp.
5 gnarled trees growing from the sand. A snake (50% forest snake 50% rattlesnake)
6 large clusters of trees seem to hold the desert back. Giant scorpion.
7 small clusters of trees struggle for life, halfburried in dunes. A group of jackals.
8 single trees grow at a large distance between each other. A giant sandwurm.
9 great sand dunes and a camel.

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Has it been noticed before that planeswalkers draw a line between them ?
How many planeswalkers would you guess the average midrange deck uses ?
Could midrange be the exact middle ? (In that case I guess it would hold an average number of planeswalkers opposed to those that uses few or many)

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Yeah the original. *laughs with you, then looks over shoulders to see if anyone noticed"

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But I really think anarchy isn't the way to take over. Anarchy is a business factor more than a government factor.
Anarchy is goalless and just creates a power void where the ultra rich can move in when the lower business class breaks down from loss of sales, sort of like the corona lockdown are doing it right now. Politicians just found out that they can make the same trick work during diseases.

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Yeah, it's based on free for all :)

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Well, we all deal with sorrow differently, and I'm not good at comforting people.

I'll stop chasing the troll, too few people seem attached to this site anyways.

I'd like to think I brought phyrexia with me, maybe not the users, but at least the idea of a thriving community building on each others discoveries.

But maybe I'm just dragging a corpse around.

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Over the years I've become less "ranty" than I've used to be.
I make sure that my content is much more versatile and try to rein myself in.

I've also called for changes to the site that would diminish the effect of someone being overly active, by asking people if it wouldn't be preferable that posting a comment on someone's deck didn't put them on the top of the stack of decks. Instead letting likes do that, but overall, the troll would probably just increase his number of likes to compensate.

I think of myself as the lesser evil here, to rephrase a sentence used, "all it takes for evil to triumph is letting good men do nothing" and I certainly ain't in the nothing category.

You are right that this is becoming just another hobby. It's been a while since I've had anything to do with my mind, because of the Corona, and I develope my strategies and tools better during pressure, so I have been using the event as a means to fine tune my tools.

I'll lower it down, some nudges.
I expect the number of deck pages to got down to three, for a while when the chatting sort of subsides, then it will return to four when the troll begins his old habits again.

Splinter: the disagreements between you and me are known widely. If you think the troll is a fantasy, then how do you explain my reputation switching from a 1.000 to a minus thousand within a month ?
I sort of hope the troll targets you next...

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Then how come he was trolling when noone knew he was here ?
Anyways, do you think he can even follow my pace ?
Just search for the decktag: wdm prison
Each of those were designed both to increase my own gaming, but also to cause awareness of the troll.
Each time I released one, he quickly upvoted random decks to cover it (I kept track of the "normal" pace at which we upvote) then I would post another, and another, and frankly I was just getting my gears warmed up.
He retaliated by downvoting even more of my comments, and in return I have increased my rate of discussion.
I doubt that he can compete with me because at some point he will lose track of which posts he's randomly upvoted. I've seen him have his first cool downs, and he will only increase my activities by resisting.
I'm basically giving him more attention than he can absorb. He will be frustrated by not being in control anymore.
I fought plenty of trolls in bdominia and in my Danish forums as well. I've been battling several trolls at the same time in the past, and I'm inventing new weaponry by the day.

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The MIT team behind alpha has declared that their current algorithm can't break magic, but I think they could do it, but they would need a second algorithm to build decks for alpha to play, so alpha would play decks based on its play skills. From there the AI would expand itself into the game on more and more levels as it started to learn how to win.
It's decks would probably be just as weird as some of those I've produced so far.

I did do some tries at advanced simulations back when my computers worked. I was working on a multicolored manacurve generator. I was in a war against other programmers to crack the perfect manacurve. I even planned out a way for an AI to get a primitive instinct for having a gameplan. I build up the concept of what I called the "spellchain" based on the order that a decklist was written, the AI would play spells prioritized in that order. When decklists got mutated the order of the decklist would also have a chance of being mutated. That way the AI could learn to play combo through pure instinct. I also planned to build in a clause system that added random conditions that had to be fulfilled for a card to be played or used.

The way I would build up an algorithm became ever more complex, as I would add biological tricks to how mutations occured, for example introducing stress as a factor meant that if a deck won without lifeless it had no stress, and it would be cloned 100% accurate because it must have functioned perfectly. If it lost around 5 lives it's offspring would get 1 mutation. The more stressed a deck would be, the higher the number of mutations would be, because it might just have won through pure luck, so it's offspring might stand a better chance by not being like it at all.

Another way to decide the mutation rate would be age. The more battles a deck would win, the more mutations it's offspring would get. The first offspring would receive no mutations, the second would get one, the third would get two. This is also happening to the sperm of human males. The first offsprings have few mutations but as a man gets older his children receives more mutations. The first child is close to the fathers dna because he was a success. From there on nature takes more and more gambles to allow for faster evolution within the overall population.

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Yeah, if you didn't notice it before posting, it's no longer possible to know.
I think I've answered a lot of these old upvoted posts before I checked the date.
I've begun to look at the username to take a look at other comments to see if the owner is alive and kicking.

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Not really.
I weight up every information I got and reevaluate it each time I gain new info.
I may declare things that I have thought about, but it's really all being scaled.
For example I scale the info about selkyas in one direction, but I also evaluate the odds of you bringing false data to the table because I mentioned that I consider all as suspects, even you. It's a sort of scale universe I build up around the whole situation. Even past disagreements with, hexo666 and splinter get weighted. I also have mental weight of the odds that gary the site creator might have gone bad and become a troll. I also consider the odds that I might be the troll, like in a fightclub scenario.

For each statement I make about the case I have a wast number of scenarios floating, like the odds of the troll targeting me for my use of evolution or regular taunts at religion. What are the odds that a pedophile is upvoting random pages to cover his flirts with targets in here, what are the odds of two lovers doing the same crime, what are the odds of two french persons discussing drug delivery dates in french.

The episode with hexo666 where he said that kalmah didn't want to tell you that he didn't wanted you to write him.
At that episode I decided to call it as a bluff and told hexo that if he didn't retract his remarks, I would simply ask kalmah about the truth about it.
Hexo666 withdrew by deleting all his lines.
That means I've uncovered knowledge.
Hexo666 didn't want kalmah to know about that episode.

So I simply put weights on the odds of hexo666 being a pedophile or a gay that tries to flirt with kalmah, or they are already lovers and he didn't want to show to kalmah that he is jealous of you talking with kalmah so much. Maybe they are drug dealers discussing delivery dates and when you started to take an interest in their language he flipped in panic and tried to get you stop reading their posts. All of these possibilities could lead to the behaviour of upvoting random posts to cover their french posts from a random countryman suddenly appearing.

I hope you can see now, that I operate at multiple levels.

When I make statements, it is mainly done to force people down some predesigned paths that gives me more information to put on the weights.

It's how I knew when to call hexo666's bluff.

I've also established a role for you and me in the same way, I play the wise mentor, you play the roguish youth. Think about why I decided to cast us in these roles, and think about the information I extracted by you slipping into the role with ease :)

I'm pretty complex.

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I'm not so sure about that :)
His draw/discard does speed it up the next turns.

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Anarchism is sort of yet another mental structure designed to fight government. It's a valuable question who funds anarchists, and when. Also, since anarchism has no gameplan other than attacking government it is basically a weapon waiting to be picked up.

The chaos arrives within the anarchist fractions when they are funded several conflicting groups.

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I've always been in favor of creating a parenthood test that would have to be passed before you were allowed to put children into this world.

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Look up past 6 answers.

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