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Sometimes you need something for the graveyard, sometimes you need the extra defence.
I can suggest relic of progenitus and glint-nest Crane for your sideboard. The crane will increase the odds of drawing the relic faster and it might be a small wall, but the crane does have flying.

The midnight clock is too slow. View it in turns, each time you spend 3 mana you sort of skip a turn doing nothing, where you could have done something. You need to pay 36 mana in total to get the activation.
Now let's say you are able to play a land each turn, at turn 4 you will have 4 lands and 1 counter, at turn 5 5 lands and two counters, turn 6 we have six lands and 4 counters, at turn 7, 7 lands and 6 counters. Turn 8, 8 lands and 8 counters, turn 9 we got a joyous 9 lands and 11 counters. All of this provided that we get 9 lands in a row and do very little beyond paying the clock.

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A deck close to this list had gotten a top placement recently in tc decks.
It used rakdos charm in main.

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To get an idea on how to fix the mana,
Search for my tag paperstrips and read
Fixing duals and fetch

Alternatively test the mana against a couple of decks using only basic lands while keeping close attention to how many mountains you use. After that all your mountains can become duals where one part is kept red, while the other part of the land becomes another color.
Do not at any time mess with any of the basic lands that aren't mountains.

Using this technique and paperstrips will prepare any deck for a bloodmoon.

Heh, I've forgotten all about the tag wars me and alfred had :)

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The three sleeper cards he never sees ?

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Heh heh :)
The monkey kills you.
With the keyboard.
Like this.
Idurururtiffu uffujftktj

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Vantress gargoyle?

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Simian spiritguide to increase the speed (turn 3 kills)
Vexing shusher to battle counterspells.
Apostle's blessing to fight control.

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Very serious ;)

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Noone understands kkkks uuuusfsf
So I make a chimpanzee joke.
Like monkeys hit keyboard

Try google translate?

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Not sure about the odds, but vexing shusher

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Didn't notice those :)
If you get room for blue your could go with echoing truth just after the lock is in place.
I also forgot you might get a problem with artifact builds. So pillage might be a thing as is can either add to their many problems or may take out an artifact.

Ingot chewer might become your aggro if you go there ;)

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Sorry for tying you up in double masters deletions :(

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To mill four lands with mind grind you need six mana.
To mill four lands with balustrade spy you need just 4 mana and you gain a flying creature to help your defences.

Stream of thought will enable you to shuffle fetchlands or mill and other stream of thought back into your library increasing the odds of drawing the right thing. If you cut out thought scour You surpass the ability to draw a card right now, but increases the card quality so you will draw what is more usefull later.

I've written down 15 reasons to play stream of thought in a post called stream of thought
You may also find it by using the tag: wdm mill guide
Where I describe my own mill by using 1 post for each card.

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Dragon master outcast.
Simian spirit guides can be your wincon, since they can only block 1 and you will have about 2 lategame.
Change bloodmoon to magus of the moon.
Heh, and 2-3 red cards with protection from white.

Your only problem will be white decks.

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And such was the fate of citrouille...
Attacked by loose chimpanzees seconds before he would have revealed the greatest discovery in magic history..

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Here's an idea.
Put in 4 simian spirit guide and 4 bloodmoon.
A lock of both leech and bloodmoon would devastate any deck with multiple colors.
Simian spirit guide will also enable you to combo faster, or will give you the advantage of a surprise apostle's blessing.

Aether vial and spellskite might also be helpful.

If you can somehow get blue in there, mana maze might also be worth a try.

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There's an infinite loop with risen reef.
The card is zendikar's roil.

Would be fast to play with birds.

And you have 2 card slots left.

I've also made my surgical extraction page.

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I'll soon start to play test with the three weakest cards removed
Like I said I think I lack some more mill, to be speedier, so this time I kill two birds with one rock.
Since the 4 great aggrodecks often passes through with flying creatures, (except for merfolk) then I will focus on flying creatures that can mill.

Balustrade spy 2/3 mill until 4 lands
Eye collector 1/1 both mill 1 when dam opp
Mind shrieker 1/1 mill opp 1 when pay 2
Mist intruder 1/2 exile 1 when dam opp
Shriek geist 1/1 mill opp 2 when dam opp
Vantress gargoyle 5/4 tap to mill 1 both
Soratami mindsweeper 1/4 2+bounce own land to mill opp 2

I expect evolution to just pick 3 vantress gargoyle but I have been surprised before so many times it's almost embarrassing.

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Heh, it's almost like micro-decks.

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To bad, I was excited about a merger...

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