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One of the worst parts with testning is when there are a Lot of cool interactions that you want to cram into the build.
It May be why decks like this develope slower than others.

The 1/1's Will matter due to basilisk gate.

I am refining my mutation methods at the moment.

One Easy way to playtest mutations is to have a deck with 60 paperstrips That contain the Classical
Deck on the strips, however, during games any card can be Played as multiple other cards, in which case you add a point to that card on the strip.

Doing this Will perform 2 functions.

1: scoring cards on their actual usefulness in the deck when they are played as the original.

2: showing which future mutations have the Best synergy with the deck as they Will score more points.

One rule to Remember during this, is to Only have
4 copies of any card active on the paperstrips.

Posted 12 December 2023 at 03:26 in reply to #650464 on Pauper Tortured Existence V9


Knowing the deck 3 cards deep certainly lets you Know how Much to scry. You basically get to Bury all remaining lands.

The trick is figuring out how Many spies it takes to optimize the process, and how many would be redundant because of the many scry cards...

Posted 10 December 2023 at 16:44 in reply to #650465 on BD: Scrying & Searing


Cabal initiate discards for a growth bonus.
Going dread return means you can drop a 1/1 turn One, then two 1/1 's on turn 2 for a turn 2 reanimation.
Putrid imp enables such a Play through discard.

Seen That way, cabal initiate is a Much slower putrid imp.

This is also why I advocate for thraben inspector and spore frog in the build.
If the build is heavily focussed on creatures reanimating lotleth suddenly makes much more sense ;)

It's also why I talked viscera seer.

Posted 08 December 2023 at 10:15 in reply to #650464 on Pauper Tortured Existence V9


I Think tilling treefolk and excentric farmer offers up Some Very different options in style And they probably shouldn't be mixed, but should have their own designs of the deck.

Tilling treefolk would allow for a more landfocussed design, while the farmer belongs more to a dredge/reanimation style that can go with lands. The farmer is also more aggressive.

Cabal initiale is also a putrid imp at 2 mana.

Posted 07 December 2023 at 18:21 in reply to #650464 on Pauper Tortured Existence V9


Sigiled skink was "THE" scry card for me, when scry started to enter the game.

My overall approach was to have Enough burn That it Would always go unblocked, but I did investigate using ghoulcallers bell as a support.

These days orcish spy Will be a rather powerful addition to such a deck.

Posted 07 December 2023 at 16:13 as a comment on BD: Scrying & Searing


The advantage of tortured existence is of Course the recursion Theme,
But in case of graveyard hatred, the deck Will have to rely on board presence.

Adding a dread return gameplan is basically to increase upon the One major weakness of the deck.

In a few cases in the past, increasing upon the weakness can sometimes be an advantage, and this decktype is One of those That might benefit.

To abuse dread return, you need a fast board presence, so I'm thinking that boarding the frogs is a wrong approach.

Thraben inspector would likely be a A way to Play this safer, and considering That "murder at the manor" gives us inspector 5-8 some might go that way, and auramancer could yield Space for this.

Adding viscera seer can also build towards a fastpaced dread return approach

Another approach might be tukatongue zubera.

Dont be affald to add more basilisk gate, but treat the card as a creature slot rather than a land, as it is tied to the creature theme. That way you will be able to design a more versatile manacurve.

I would recommend a try at throwing in tilling tree or scaretiller to ensure That gates Don 't get lost.

Posted 07 December 2023 at 15:07 as a comment on Pauper Tortured Existence V9


Here it is...

Posted 01 December 2023 at 18:33 in reply to #647278 on Mana Tax: How to annoy anyone.


[[Majestic metamorphosis]]


Badass Surprise...

Go get em.
Their commons...

[[Zephyr charge]]

It's incredible what can be found with Some effort...

Posted 01 December 2023 at 06:09 in reply to #650420 on You Needed That?


[[Shower of arrows]]
Hits artifact, enchantment, flying creature and let you scry...

So, if you put in Some effect that gives your opponent's creatures flying...

Posted 01 December 2023 at 05:33 in reply to #650420 on You Needed That?



Posted 28 November 2023 at 20:05 as a comment on Damia Ramp EDH


Take that...

I recently did a pauper halfdeck version.

12 apostle
4 echoing return
4 vile deacon
10 swamp

Posted 27 November 2023 at 03:20 in reply to #650429 on last one of these...(probably)


Here's an idea.
There are usually two ways these types of decks are done.

One approach uses surgical extraction to remove the "more than 4 of cards" and then the rest of the deck is basically a combo,
And the other approach is more like the above, though echoing return is usually a thing to add to the deck.

You might want to try out building a version of the deck that has a transformer sideboard containing the other strategy. That way you can switch between these two deck variants based on which is best against your current meta.

Posted 27 November 2023 at 03:07 as a comment on last one of these...(probably)


[[Titan's strength]] is spelled with an ' in it ;)
But your phone might try to write "tit"-"ian" cause that's what's written.

Tit Ian...

Tit Ian... I'm still giggling...

I put it in a deck just to see. Worked fine so your phone probably misspelled it...

Posted 26 November 2023 at 22:48 as a comment on MTG Arena Fast Burn


I think dragon rage chaneller could use more enchantments, and possibly one more artifact.
Some of it could be brought in from the sb.

How about a single copy of urza's saga ? It would aid two of your sideboard strategies.

Posted 23 November 2023 at 03:49 in reply to #650403 on Kiki Doin' a Jiki


Out of interest.

Which cards did you carve away to make room for kiki/exarc?

I'd argue that being a "secret combo" would make the deck faster, and that would mean that "slow" cards would be better to kick out.

Posted 22 November 2023 at 05:16 as a comment on Kiki Doin' a Jiki


Well I'm just precautions, and the chalice 1 is solid.
The ramp through blood sun is intriguing.

Has anyone figured out to build a marit lage blood sun deck? Play the sun, play the land, then destroy the enchantment?

I would have guessed landcycling wouldn't be that impact ful. During 2018 most decks had 1-2 basics when multicolored. If people want to abuse landcycle that wouldn't change the view on dual lands much, and I doubt people would start to favour more basic lands. Curious...

Posted 20 November 2023 at 22:00 in reply to #650367 on [L] Moon Prison


Let's say you play control magic on turn 4 on the worst thing on the board, but your opponent then plays an even worse creature on turn 6. Then the chimera makes control magic into a utility card.
Expending on the idea, a few cheap "draw enchantments" can make the chimera into a solid draw engine.

Hubris is a onetime effect, while riptide chimera may be the ultimate key of making the blue enchantment halfback the one half that has synergy with all the other enchantment themed half decks.

Posted 15 November 2023 at 20:10 in reply to #650362 on BD: Half Deck Series 6 - Blue


I assume [L] is for legacy.
While having non-mountains in a deck like this CAN be an advantage, with some luck or a lot of skill, it's more often likely to lock yourself down. (I have a long past with blood moon)

What happened to alpine moon ?
It was widely played a few years ago.

Posted 15 November 2023 at 19:03 as a comment on [L] Moon Prison


Another thing that you seem to neglect is to have each theme reach out to your other themes.

Your enchantment series could easily link with your artifact series by inserting a few artifact lands for example.

One method I've recently starting to use when turbo evolving is to create a "playlist" of randomly chosen couples, then I'd select the 4 most promising couples and try to view all the combinations possible between them, working hard at discovering a single card that could tie all their themes together.

All that glitters is an example of such a uniter as it works with both enchantment and artifacts.

Posted 15 November 2023 at 12:47 as a comment on BD: Half Deck Series 6 - Green


[[Remove enchantments]] might be a powerful spell for the white half.
Perhaps use it with enchantments that has an etb effect as well, like hobble which might be worth using as your prison enchantment.

Posted 15 November 2023 at 12:35 as a comment on BD: Half Deck Series 6 - White


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