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I'm basically not watching them anymore, but my mind keeps spotting them.

Here's a small outline of events.

At a time where I believed they were just trolls I revealed the compiled works of "tard", search for decknames with tard to get a grasp of his activities.

This lead to the first war between the trolls and me.

In the second war, where thegreatgodloki freaked out the trolls had reverted to a much older method of trolling, likely because I sort of told them about it to make them fall into another layer of context, which they did.

Except since I knew about the bear theme they had to change an aspect to it.
They also needed access to their old work as well as to burn their bridges, trying to resume new fresh identities to use instead of the old ones I marked.

So they switched to using cards with part of the old keyword in it so they could search for old materials, they used bear, so to track down the past, the new keyword had to contain "bea" while they needed to add a new letter to the keyword. They made it "beas".

Search for cardnames with "beas" then start counting usernames who have decks containing that exact phrase and you will get a pretty clear picture of the current troll accounts.


You flag up twice, but compared with ironiwolf who scores 4, you are nowhere being suspicious.
Mekkakat flags up three times, but he is the most productive of us all, so I sort of use him as the suspicion threshold.

Anyone flagging up more than his 3 points is on my suspicion list.

Now go see how many times the 4 suspects get flagged...

They spam in secrecy, but for those who know they are there, it's pretty easy to get back on their track.

By the way, useraccount flashover flags up 10 times, and he was marking their transition from the old system to the new by spamming a 100+ decks on a friday the 13th.

Their own little celebration :)

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If it starts dredging it puts more creatures into the graveyard, that you can revive, and it is sacrificial in nature, sack to boost lotleth, for example. Or discard to zombie infestation to get it going.

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A second explanation is that the person might be half decking in some way. One of my earlier methods had decklists like that. I discovered different ways of doing it better later, but that could be the reason.

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Gary was active in here a few days ago, so it's a matter of time before he spots the tag: gary read this on the deck display or reads through the comments in the bug-forum.

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Shambling shell :)

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First of all, they coordinate their efforts, trolls are of a more solitary nature.
I've been interacting with them for years in here, and slowly set up a number of behavioral patterns.
I'm sort of planting myself in a spider web and feeling the web vibrate, and when one of the thieves broke down, I extracted a lot of valuable information, in particular three of their names.

It works like this, humans are creatures of habit, and our greatest habit of them all is putting things in context.
When the thieves attacked my reputation as a Danish player, the context showed that the thieves had a personal relation to me somehow, and when the dumbest thief mentioned a particular year, I also knew that the year would have it's own context for the thief, which made me search the web for card theft at 2015, and things sort of aligned themselves. Context is an extreme tool, and I've posted a couple of articles in here about how to read the game and break your own patterns by knowing that people work within a socially created context.

I'll link one if you get curious, but I'm 97% certain that were dealing with thieves here.
I suggest you go to one of my halfdecks and follow the link there, which outlines the way the thieves work in here.
I've extracted the whole thing from interacting with them over the years.

And then there's the incidence where one of the group was actually shadowing me.

Actually the whole thing has an extremely long timeline, in the past I've had some trouble with a thief, which is related to the whole affair. I'll outline it all one day...

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Once I started warning against the thieves, they did the dumb thing again.
Rather than draw back and observe without taking action, they responded with their signature move.
They've been flooding mtgvault regularly to prevent people from seeing my warnings, and that action speaks volumes of guilt.

However they seem to have lost their cool, because they seem to reuse the same accounts frequently.
They have bursts of covering my warnings, and seem to take longer and longer breaks. Frankly I think they are hit at their pride the most, because why not take a break and look back in half a year to see if I'm still vigilant. Either it's a pride thing or they are lacking money. The corona has shut down magic tournaments for a while, and people have been more at home than usual, so seeing it from a thief's perspective times must be pretty hard by now.

I'm going to throw rocks on the track to derail their train of thought.
They are under pressure, I've kept my surveillance even though I removed "the list" in its public form, and I want to re-open my "wicked web"

I still think I brought them here by embarrassing a lot of people in the Danish meta way back in time.
They've been taking notes on my research in here, then covered it in junk posts so as few people would see it, and then they've launched it as their own work.

That's probably why I found out that the whole corebuild had become mainstream around me, and that also verifies my suspicion that they are operating from a site of their own as well as this one.

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I'm building the "kiln fiend halfdeck" with evolution now, and it seems to confirm the style of a low count of temur battle rage.

Since my first tests of the builds is coupled with a creature heavy deck, it seems like the focus of the deck evolves more around the creatures of the other deck.

It sort of happens like this:

I made 20 blank strips to become whatever is needed, so when the deck is played out I occasionally get some hands with no blanks and play out some creatures.

Then, when I start to draw blanks I analyse the board to see what would help the most, and the answer is removal or boost, and playing a kiln class creature usually doesn't change much.

In games where I draw plenty of cards with paperstrips in the sleeves, I prioritise to play a kiln class creature and follow up with a double strike card when possible.

As a result the deck so far has 5 kiln class creatures, 3 mutagenic growth, 5 bolts, 3 temur battle rage and 4 remaining blank cards. When I convert the final 4 cards, each card will be retested for its assigned identity over and over until there are no doubt left as to what each card wants to be.

The merfolk deck I test against was spawned at an era where death's shadow had a lot of innovative variations, so the mainboard is actually pretty decent at disrupting kiln fiend by either killing it with dismember or just bouncing it.
Then there's also the old "æthervial a creature into play to tap stuff with merrow rejereey" which also stops the combo.

So far I'm not testing blessing, because I want to brew resilience into the half, but when I'm done with testing "immokiln" coupled with a creature heavy half, I will move to test it coupled with a coupling with no or few creatures, so that the kiln class creatures face ALL available removal. During that run I will include blessing and possibly similare cards.

I've currently closed the link to the primary half as there is now some trade secrets on the page.
Let me know if you want a second view at the original talk about deck.

I've been surveiling the project my self, and believe that the reason why battle rage has such a small role, is that kiln fiend is the actual enabler of the card. In an aggressive build there isn't that much need for the combo as kiln class creatures and other creatures does the job anyways with enough boost. The turn 3 kills are more likely in a combo matchup so it's become tradition to have most temur battle rage in the sideboard.

I'll let you know if I find something really interesting.

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Look through his decks.
It's a consistent pattern.
This person is following some sort of recipe when building.
The most notable thing is how enchantments break the symmetry and are 4 ofs.

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I'm working on a thoughtpicker witch, control deck at the moment, where thoughtpicker witch locks down the opponents deck top if you can keep sacrificing creatures. I've actually managed to lock down a merfolk deck at a modern tournament once.

I currently use stinkweed imp and myr servitor as a sacrifice engine.
Stinkweed imp holds back a lot of aggro, and I remember that I also had a lot of fun games against bridge from below dredge decks.

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I'm done measuring the bolt rate...
Damn that was a huge bunch of work.
Evolution ended up at 6 bolts and 4 creatures.

Now I will start taking a look at that kiln/immolation half coupled with a creatures only half.
I guess I will have 4 types of cards that the 22 cards can turn into.

1: kiln fiend type of creatures.
2: double strike spells.
3: free spells, like mutagenic growth and gut shot.
4: bolts to clear the board and boost team kiln.

Kight1981: I can see that, I take a look at all new posts, to see the content, and I look through the old posts for interesting conversations.
I'm watching, for approaching bears, exactly like a winter ORB...

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That would probably be jumpstart.
Hasbro/wotc made the concept about a year ago.
I've suspected for a while that they occasionally look at some of my stuff.
Long story though, but a lot of cards seem to fit into my largescale projects.
It could be because they are largescale and thus has synergy with more prints, but it's a regular happening...

I fear their version of halfdecks may lead to simpleton players as everything is suddenly done for them in advance.
It would be interesting to see a homemade halves vs fabricated halves though :)

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I once found a 3 card boros Reckoner combo among your decks, and today I saw that it can now be done with just 2 cards.

Ollenbock Escort & boros Reckoner.

I can't remember the deckname though, but it can be done with 2 cards now.

The original 3 card combo is described in my RW prison.

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Heh, I've been playing sage of Epityr for years for the reasons why you love hard evidence.
Recently I've also included overwhelmed apprentice in that category. (Overwhelmed isn't a common though)

I do believe both are superior to hard evidence as both can get you to draw more lands if you are manascrewed.

That will be harder with hard evidence because it demands 2 mana to draw.

Deck looks nice appart from those hard evidence.

Here's a post on why sage of Epityr is awesome

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I binged it all in an afternoon. He's really funny.

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We'll expect a flurry of activity when the doctor is done [[pulling teeth]]

You could spend the time watching mtg remy, who has a number of hilarious songs about magic as a game and even more sketches about the game too.

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Not knowing the overall looks of a pauper pestilence deck, I also assume that part of the battle against it will be based on them having some creature that has protection from black. Then it's a matter of playing as if you were up against ordinary removal by targeting their creature, so each pestilence only works once.
Then cards like [[converted barrage]] and [[sunlance will come in handy]] theres some stuff in white that costs 2 mana and deals 5 damage, so it should be possible to fight pestilence by playing out aggro as if it was control.

Is any of your budgets close to pauper pestilence in design ?

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[[Pay no heed]]
[[Test of faith]]

Pay no heed and test of faith seems nice.

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There's gotta be something obscure out there.
There always is :)

[[Guardian of the guildpact]]
[[Flare of faith]]
[[Survive the night]]

I'd personally gamble on guardian of the guildpact.

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Dealing with mass removal is always a matter of concern for creature builds.
Having my own exalted project at the moment I've dealt with the problem by simply having more spells than most.
But I think I will have to look towards decks like bogle to see how it deals with mass removal.
Perhaps a blend of bogle and exalted might be a thing. You do have some umbras that used to be key to the decktype.

I also remembered how rebel control was truly untouchable in the past because it could keep adding rebels to the battlefield.
Rebels might work well in an exalted deck how many rebels do we have in the exalted team already ? If none, then it might just become a support theme.

Hmm. If going esper you will have 8 rebels that can fetch rebels, including that rebel version of pacifism.
It seems rebels haven't been supported since future sight, which is odd.

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