Atraxa Planeswalkers

by zorphthealien on 08 November 2019

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Deck discussion for Atraxa Planeswalkers

Unfortunately you can't use Nicol Bolas or Sarkhan because they're both red which doesn't fit the color identity of Atraxa.

Posted 09 November 2019 at 17:21


vorel wont hit your walkers. contagion engine and inexorable tide are to slow. you will find oath of jace and oath of kaya do not help much replace them with ghostly prison and propaganda.cabal coffers and urborg are not needed u don't have enough black for them to help. i have been playing atraxa walkers since atraxa came out here is my current list but it needs a few mods

Posted 10 November 2019 at 07:39